Glowing hearts and smiles – an intimate wedding celebration for all


One of the greatest gifts as a Wedding Photographer is to meet a Bride and Groom and become friends with the entire family and to watch their family grow over the years.
Ashley is part of this family and to be asked to capture yet another Wedding touched my heart as there could be no greater joy for us!

Their hearts were full of love for each other …… and bountiful enough, to join their new family as one.

This Wedding Day was unique as it is the union of two families becoming one. The children were key to having in their Wedding party and it was adorable to watch Ashley and Chad’s attention and love to them throughout the day. It was plain to see what a remarkable new family they have formed as the children were absolutely beaming with smiles for them.

The Grand Hotel and Suites in downtown Toronto is where the day began and it was so incredible to walk into the room and see the same makeup/hairstylist (Corrie Elle, Covet Co. ) from the previous Toronto Wedding in June. What are the chances! The room was a buzz of excitement and Ashley’s Mom assisted her with her wedding gown. I love these touching moments with a Mom and daughter…. it is an aww moment 🙂 Heidi (Ashley’s sister) presented Ashley with a beautiful bracelet that matched her earrings perfectly. It was so delicate and as a sister she knows perfectly Ashley’s style.

A fun filled wedding day – no reservations required

Chad was also at the Grand Hotel with the guys and the boys sure had a blast with Grandpa! Yes…. wrestling on a Wedding Day is for sure allowed 🙂
I loved reviewing these photos!

It was important to Ashley and Chad to spend as much time with their guests as possible and a “First Look” worked seamlessly for them. Ashley was incredibly stunning as she walked towards Chad and the joy for them both was electric. The parents/family and wedding party all watched from the sidelines. After the initial reveal we headed toward the venue, beneath the Boiler room Loft were the couple had reserved the courtyard for family photos –  so on the way there, the children, without prompting, one by one, ran ahead to join them through the bustling streets….
I felt a tear watching through the lens… gosh just such a perfect moment.

Perfect location in the heart of Toronto’s Distillery District with Cobblestone Streets

The ceremony and reception was held at “the Boiler House Loft” for their chic, intimate Wedding. The laughter, excitement of close friends and family filled the room to capacity. One of the more touching moments was Lucca shedding some tears during the Wedding as he was so glad for his Mom…..a caress during the service and a kiss of love was a awe moment for all.
Ashley and Chad…. it meant the world to us to capture your fabulous Wedding Day.

We wish you a lifetime of love, joy and incredible adventures for you and your new family. xxoo 



Found a nice quiet spot for Ashley and Chad’s wedding night shot….they are so fabulously stunning!!

Wedding couple pose for night photograph at the Boiler House Loft in Toronto Distillery District beneath hanging lights on cobblestone streets


Ashley’s earrings and matching bracelet were beautiful

wedding earrings displayed on the wedding bouquet along with the matching bracelet - Toronto Wedding


Exquisite details made these wedding invitations sophisticated

close up of wedding invitations in blush peach matching earrings and bracelet


Ashley’s choice of wedding gown was perfect – delicate colours and exquisite design

the bride

The make up being applied looked beautiful in natural light

close up of lipstick being applied to the bride - shot in natural light - soft colurs Toronto, Ottawa Wedding Photographerwedding makeip application tray in front of bride

the brides eyes radiated beauty as the final touches of makeup are applied

detail shot of bride having lipstick applied as she looks toward the ceiling in the Grand Hotel and Suites

The mother of the bride examines the unique and stunning mermaid style wedding gown

Mermaid Wedding Dress is held up by the mother of the bride in the Grand Hotel and Suites


Ashley beamed all day

Ashley was beaming all day in anticipation of a glorious wedding ceremony at the Distillery District in Toronto


The Bride’s sister was radiant as the bridal party got ready at the Grand Hotel & Suites – Toronto

Close up of the brides sister smiling as the wedding gown was tried on


The flower girl was adorable!

not to be left out, the flower girl smiles at the camera during the getting ready shots


Exquisite wedding jewellery

close up of the brides wedding bracelet and wedding earrings displayed on the wedding gown lace


Helping hands are loving hands

the mother of the bride helps her daughter put on the beautiful wedding earrings


Mother and daughter share a special moment together

MOther of the bride kisses her daughter on the cheek before heading to the Distillery District Toronto, The Boiler House Loft Ottawa Wedding Photographer


Ashley receives a special gift (the wedding bracelet) from her sister

the bride reads a special wedding card from her sister while sitting in the Grand Hotel & Suites room


The Bride certainly looked like a Disney Princess with a beauty veil

The brides sister stands next to the bride examining the beautiful wedding veil


Stunning dress for a beautiful bride

Toronto, Ottawa Wedding Photographer- the bride poses in her mermaid wedding gown


the flower girl looks magical in her dream dress

the flower girl is being laced up at the back and looks back over her shoulder to see how it is tied up


I love this shot of the flower girl looking on as the bride’s nephew gets his own miniature wedding bow-tie

the brides sister is busy putting a pink bow-tie on her son - who looks smart in his suspenders


The groom’s outfit included a custom tailored suit, colourful wedding socks and of course Jimmy Choo wedding shoes

on location at The Grand Hotel & Suites - the groom is getting ready with his Jimmy Choo Mens Wedding shoes for the occasion


These two lads look pretty laid back in their brand new wedding sun glasses and baseball caps

two lads relax smiling at the camera decked out in sneakers - sunglasses - baseball caps and the biggest cool wedding grins


The groom made sure his boys looked smart in their shirts and miniature wedding bow-ties

the father of one of the boys straightens out his special kid size wedding bow-tieafter adjusting the kids bow-ties the groom fastens pick flowers to their shirts


Final adjustments for the groom and groomsmen

wedding cufflinks are clipped on in preperation for the trip to the Distillery District Toronto, Ottawa Wedding Photographer- The Boiler House Loft


Chad portrays all of the handsome Groom

the handsome groom strikes a pose - seated looking away holding a glass of scotch


The groom’s personal effects for the ceremony



One last toast as the guys celebrate with the Groom on the arrival of the big day

the groomsmen toast the groom with flutted glasses filled with Champagne


Not to be outdone by the bride, but the groom definitely held his own that day

one last portrait of the groom looking at the camera before heading to the wedding ceremony at the Distillery District in Toronto


Arriving early at the Distillery District streets – the groom awaits the upcoming Wedding Day Reveal of his bride

the groom poses in the busy streets at the Distillery District Toronto, as he waits the arrival of his bride Ashley


Taking time before the ceremony – the bride strolls down the sidewalk at the Distillery District to have their first-look Wedding Reveal

the bride strolls past the brick and stone buildings at the Distillery District with bouquet in hand


Ashley and Chad decided to have an early Wedding Day Reveal in front of their family. Surprise

the bride sneaks up behind her groom for the big wedding reveal moment at Toronto, Ottawa Wedding Photographer- The Boiler House Loft- Distillery District- Ashley and Chad-61the bride covers the grooms eyes from behind before the big wedding reveal


I love the interaction between bride and groom during their Reveal

the groom embraces his bride after seeing her for the first time


Proud fathers looking on as the couple exchange first looks

the fathers of the bride and groom smile as Chad and Ashley embrace at the Distillery District in Toronto


A touching moment as the grooms daughter smiles at him

touching moment between father and daughter during the wedding day reveal


The Bride and Groom head towards the Boiler Loft House for family portraits with their children – adorable!

The tourists in the streets gave wide berth as the wedding family walks the streets in the Distillery District past shops and vendors


Posing beneath the giant clock in the streets of the Distillery District

The Bride and Bridesmaids posing beneath the giant clock in the streets of the Distillery District The Boiler House LoftThe bride posing as she looks at her wedding bouquet flowers at the Boiler Loft House


Dashing Groomsmen

Groomsmen pose in Trinity Lane in front of the giant scupltures Distillery District- just before the wedding ceremonyAshley and Chad


The wedding party standing in opening of Gristmill Lane in Historic Distillery District

small wedding party pose for the camera at the opening of Gristmill Lane in the shade of the old brick buildings


The look of Love!

the bride and groom kiss beneath the giant clock at the distillery district Toronto the bride smiling as the groom kisses her cheak


Chad and Ashley brought their love and purchased a sweetheart lock at the Distillery District to celebrate their wedding

the bride and groom seal the day with a kiss as they lock their love at the distillery district - Toronto


Iconic wedding photograph of the wedding couple standing beneath the Gooderham & Worts Sign

Toronto, Ottawa Wedding Photograph bride & groom posing beneath the Gooderham and Worts sign at the Distillery District in Historic TorontoThe bride and groom smiling as they pose among the historic brick and stone buildings that make up Toronto Distillery District


The Boiler Room Loft was a perfect spot for their wedding ceremony and reception for their guests

Tables are set awaiting the guests arriving at the Boiler Room Loft House in the Distillery District in Toronto - hosting a small romantic wedding event


Matching colours throughout the wedding and details were professionally supplied by 45 Design

Reception table and wedding gifts at the Boiler Room Loft in the Distillery District - champagne gift bottles


A proud Mother & Father walk their daughter down the aisle

exclusive wedding held at the initimate and quaint Boiler Room Loft - wedding details supplied by 45 Design


An intimate charming location for a timeless wedding ceremony

The distillery District is the perfect spot to hold a wedding ceremony and reception - service was amazing


An emotional bride wipes a tear of joy

bride carefully wipes a tear away at The Boiler House Loft- Distillery District- Ashley and Chad

wedding ceremony kiss at the Boiler Room was beautiful


Presenting Mr. & Mrs.

the wedding couple walk back down the aisle as one at The Boiler House Loft- Distillery District- Ashley and Chad-103there were plenty of spots to shoot wedding location and details throughout the Distillery District - wedding events are special events


Everyone got down to enjoying themselves as the wedding speeches got underway

the bride and groom share a laugh wedding head table in the Biler Room Wedding Event Distillery District - Toronto


The couple sharing their first dance as Mr. & Mrs.

Wedding event locations such as the boiler room in the distillery district are a perfect venue for couples to hold a wedding celebration for their guests


The cobblestone streets and alleyways in the Distillery District are perfect backdrop for night photography

Cobblestone Street with couple at Toronto, Ottawa Wedding Photographer- The Boiler House Loft in Distillery District- Night Photo with Asley and Chad-1


A bit of “Love” for the Vendors

Venue:   The Boiler Room, Distillery District, Toronto, ON. –
Photography: Ruth Stenson Photography          –


Bridal Salon: Helen’s Bridal, Barrie ON
Floral Bouquets: Sheena Richmond, Lavender Floral, Barrie ON
Reception Decor: Heidi Carfa and Martina Ziltener, 45 Design.
Hair and Makeup: Corrie Elle, Covet Co.
DJ: Sean Chatrath, Good Vibrations
Invitations: Stephita Inc. Toronto ON


Chic Wedding Celebration at Distillery District [Boiler House Loft] – Toronto | Ashley + Chad

Timber Run Golf Club – Perfect wedding setting for discovering
the True Meaning of Love


Elegant wedding reveal at Clyde Hall B&B – Romantic

I love an outdoor wedding – it is romantic and casual yet intimate in the great outdoors. The weatherman had been calling for thunderstorms on Saturday but not a single drop….WHOO HOO. Hilary due to the extreme heat, and her stunning satin gown opted to not wear her Wedding dress for the drive to the spectacular Clyde Hall B&B for their “First Look”. Romantic.  Loved the idea, as I was able to photograph her twice getting ready 🙂 Hilary was so glamorous as she descended the stairs to meet Julien and stopped for a moment to collect her thoughts on the stairs as her eyes fill with tears. This romantic intimate moment, the excitement and the love you have for Julien is pure magic.

I adore photographing the reveal moments as the connection is pure unrehearsed romance. An embrace, a passionate kiss and soft words and expressions create a warm and heartfelt view of their love.

Hilary and Julien’s wish was to have all the photos taken before the Ceremony so they could enjoy each and every moment with their guests, drink Champagne and enjoy all the excitement with their family and friends. As Hilary and her Dad drove into the Ceremony site in a Vintage Mustang Convertible it staled not quite in the location they had hoped…this caused much laughter from the guests as well and Hilary and Ken (her Dad) Needless to say Ken was razed many times throughout the evening for stalling the car but this is a family of fun, jokes and laughter and loved the moment it created.

Joyful and Carefree celebration at Timber Run Golf Club

The ceremony and reception was held at eastern Ontario’s premier wedding destination Timber Run Golf Club was simply incredible!! Jen (the MOH) had the everyone at the reception holding their sides with laughter in her speech and created an awesome song lyric to celebrate. This girl is hilarious and should maybe consider a career in prose, stand-up or movies 🙂
Yes there was even a movie put together for them which included parents, family and friends……unbelievable entertainment! The outfits were utterly hilarious.

Covered Bridge perfect backdrop for the bride & groom

Hilary and Julien your Wedding Day was pure perfection and each and every one of your guests thoroughly enjoyed celebrating your fabulous day with you both as did John and I. Our thanks for asking us to capture your love and laughter together. You will cherish each moment in your new adventure as husband and wife. Special thanks as well to your parents, Jen and Paul for their incredible warm hospitality and joyful rapport with us.

Our Love and Best Wishes…..John and Ruth xxoo


Hilary and Julien in a spectacular, vintage, pristine Mustang Convertible last night…..just goes to show you that you can never be too late for a romantic wedding night shot!!

Ottawa Wedding Photographers- Vintage Mustang Convertable- wedding Night Shots with bride and groom Hiary and Julien

The custom wedding invitations matched the bride’s blue wedding shoes

custom wedding invitations for a country wedding placed next to her sapphire blue wedding shoes

Beautiful wedding dress on display at the parent’s lake house

wedding dress hanging at lake house neart Ottawa, Carelton Place before the bride heads to Timber Run Golf Club-1

I love this shot of the bride -her wedding gown + her father adjusting his necktie off to one side

The excited bride examines her wedding gown as her dad adjusts his necktie in mirror in the background

Making sure everything is in order

Ottawa, Carelton Place Wedding Photographers- the bride helping her dad get ready - black & white photography

The wedding gown was exquisite

the brides mother gently examines the wedding back details of her daughters wedding gownOttawa Wedding Photos - brilliant sapphire blue wedding shoes on display with the wedding garter

The bridesmaid helping with the final adjustments to Hilary’s wedding gown

the bridemaid in beautiful sapphire blue bridal dress helps the bride get into her wedding gown

The back of the wedding gown was exquisite

preparing the bride, the bridesmaid gently fluffs the wedding gown

The wedding gown matched Hilary to a “T” – a beautiful design setting the stage for a modern, memorable wedding

Lake house wedding preperations - the beautiful bride pose in front of full length mirror as light pours in the window beyondolf Club- Hilary and Julien-25

a memorable moment as the bride’s mother embraces her daughter before they head off to the wedding reveal at Clyde Hall

the bride

Beautiful pose of the bride alone – I love the white!

Hilthe bride adjusts her wedding bracelet in the adjoining room - a quiet moment of reflection

And speaking of white on white – I adore the way the light flowing into the room gently caresses the bride

a back shot of the bride in a white room as sunlight flows in the window and envelopes her


The grooms sapphire blue tie matched the Bridesmaids dresses perfectly

back at Clyde Hall B&B the groom and his bestman are busy getting their wedding suits on - here is the sapphire blue tie and wedding shoesr Run Golf Club- Hilary and Julien-28-2


The groom adjusts the sapphire blue tie, the rooms at Clyde Hall B&B were both roomy and stylish

north of Perth is Clyde Hall B&B - nestled next to Timber Run Golf Club were the groom was getting ready


Handsome photo of the groom posing in one of the vast window frames at Clyde Hall B&B – perfect pose in B&W!

Cylde Hall has these oversized window frames perfect for a handsome shot of the groom - Ottawa, Carelton Place Wedding Photographer


The groom and his best-man found time to capture a signature and suave pose outside the B&B next to some garden pillars

the groom and best-man posing outside in the garden with sunglasses on - hands in pocket facing the camera - awesome


The best-man makes one final adjustment to the grooms tailored jacket before the Bride arrives for their Wedding Reveal

best-man adjusts the grooms jacket from behind as they stand downstairs in the from hall of the B&B before the wedding reveal


Hilary pauses on the descend to collect herself before her groom sees her for the first time at the wedding Reveal

just outside of Ottawa, Carelton Place the bride has stopped part way down the stairway before the wedding reveal - picture taken from up and behind her


Hilary is all smiles as she softly makes her way down the grand staircase at Clyde Hall for the big “Reveal”

shot facing the groom as he has his back to the bride coming down the grand staircase at Clyde Hall B&B


The bride could hardly contain herself as she glide up behind Julien for their initial wedding reveal

the bride is all smiles as she approaches the groom from behind to cover his eyes for the wedding reveal


the groom was speechless!

the groom was speechless as he takes the brides hand



Cylde Hall B&B in Lanark was perfect venue for the Bride & Groom to have their epic wedding revealthe groom move in - eyes closed - to kiss his beautiful bride


Clyde Hall was the perfect Regal surroundings for a wedding reveal, it set the mood for the couple’s glowing hearts!

(black & white) back shot of the bride with her hand on the groom


the amazing wedding bouquet matched the bride’s eyes perfectly

the bride posing looking at the camera with wedding bouqet in hand - the colours in the bouqet looking simnply radiant


The Maid of Honor defiantly knew how to keep the moment alive

the maid of honor kissing the cheek of the bride as the bride smiles ear to ear


Hilary you looked beautiful the whole day – and you beamed with excitement!

beautiful fresh side shot of the bride smiling as she looks out a sun-filled window


A not so quiet moment together – I loved these fun-filled – these two came alive!

loved how the bride and maid of honor shared fun filled moments the whole day thruOttawa, Carelton Place Wedding Photographers outside Cylde Hall B&B the bride and groom kiss posed in front of the best-man and maid of honor


A casual stroll with the wedding party outside Clyde Hall B&B before the wedding ceremony

wedding party strollling arm-in-arm in the garden outside Cylde Hall B&B near Perth Ontario


Simply Dreamy!

beautiful back shot of the bride looking over her shoulder outside Cylde Hall B&B near Carleton Place Ontario


Classic wedding pose of a classy couple, timeless moments!

unforgettable wedding photography is made up of moments between the bride and groom - Ottawa Wedding PhotographyOttawa, Carelton Place Wedding Photographers- full length backshot of the bride with the groom near Timber Run Golf Club


A gentle quiet moment of the wedding couple posing on the covered bridge at Timber Run Golf Course

wedding couple romantic posing at covered bridge near Perth and Carleton place at Timber Run Golf Course


The rain clouds left – the sun came out and flowed in through the open windows on the covered bridge – romance and beauty

Ottawa, Carelton Place Wedding Photographers- Timber Run Golf Club wedding couple pose in the covered bridge in full sun- Hilary and Julien-75-3


The water levels may have been low this year – but Hilary & Julien’s passion rode on some pretty high waves

bride & groom pose next to teh river in front fo the covered bridge - romance plus Timber Run Golf Club covered bridge was the perfect spot to take wedding location photography for this wedding


The father of the bride and his daughter drive through open gates to greet the guests

Timber Run Golf Course + Vintage Classic Car _ Wedding equals class and perfect location


A classic moment as the Mustang stalls during the approach

the vintage mustang convertible stalled as it glided past the wedding guests seated, the father of the bride is still going to walk his daughter down the aisle


but not everyone’s car had problems as we can see here

the ring-bearer drove a miniature BMW down the aisle at Hilary and Julien


With the car problems behind them – the proud father walks his daughter down the aisle

full sun the father walking his daughter down the aisle- Timber Run Golf Club- Hilary and Julien


The lighting of the wedding candles under a gentle breeze – full of smiles and laughter

Lighting of the wedding candles was touch & go during the ceremony outside Ottawa, Carelton Place Wedding Photographers


The wedding vows were beautiful

The wedding couple exchange wedding vows outside of Timber Run Golf Course near Ottawa, Carelton Place as the mid day sun shown down


Announcing Mr.  &  Mrs. !

newly wedded couple walk hand in hand back down the aisle - Mr. and Mrs. - all smiles


The inside of Timber Run Golf Club was beautifully decorated – the Banquet Room tables details were amazing

the grand dining room at Timber Run Golf Club was beautifully decorated with flower bouquets and sapphire blue chairs ribbonsit was decorated in stunning sapphire blue


The wedding cake and wedding cupcakes were decorated in blue sapphire details to match the wedding colours throughout

Wedding Cake and Cupcakes colours matched the rest of the wedding details cake designer from Ottawa, Carelton Place


The bride getting bustled as her wedding gown gets fastened before getting announced to her guests below

beautiful photograph of the wedding gown getting bustled in black & white


The wedding couple descend the Grand Staircase at Timber Run Golf Club venue as Mr. & Mrs. to greet their guests

the married couple descend the grand log stiarcase at Timber Run Golf Club as their guests stand up to greet them


Hilary & Julien pose together at Timber Run Venue with their guests – a full house and party!

Wedding couple pose as fish-eye lens takes in all of the Timber Run venue near Ottawa, Carelton Place Wedding Photographers




A bit of “Love” for theVendors

Venue: Timber Run Golf Club  –
Photography: Ruth Stenson Photography –

Bridal Store: Renewed with Love
Floral: Sylvia’s Plant Place
Hair: Tammy Paul
Makeup: Blush & Black (Almonte)
Cake: Jennifer Reynolds (Just Desserts in Carleton Place)
Bridesmaid Dresses: Vera Wang
Invitations: MixBook
Officiant: Patti Koeslag
Drone Footage: Matthew Guzzo






Romantic Outdoor Perth Wedding Destination with Laughter and Charm | Hilary + Julien

Stunning Liberty Grand Wedding Photos

Sunny wedding – good bye rain

A day to remember for their Wedding in Toronto at the luxurious Liberty Grand Wedding venue. The forecast Friday night was thunderstorms all next day…..what actually happened was 37C with the humidity and barely a cloud in the sky. Needless to say I was so….so thrilled for them!
I met with Jenn and the girls at the Hyatt Regency while John met the guys in Newmarket at Gino’s parents. (Thank you Maria for taking such good care of John with the Italian meat sandwich to go 🙂 )  Gino and the guys hopped on the Limo Bus to cool down in the air conditioning and arrive downtown Toronto at the Hyatt and then off to the Liberty Grand.
The bridal party and cute flower girls were busy getting ready in their luxurious suite overlooking the Toronto skyline and it was breathtaking. The Bride and girls were busy with 3 makeup artists and hair stylists and totally glammed up the Hyatt.

Off in the Limo Bus to the Liberty Grand for the ceremony and a fantastic wedding reception. The courtyard in the center is so intimate and unique and with the sunny skies over head ….Jenn was already to meet Gino for their wedding ceremony. They have been together for 10 years, traveled the world together and are certainly each others best friends.

Quiet photo shoot at Toronto’s Liberty Village

Liberty Village is such a beautiful spot for the location with the old carpet factory and reminded me of the Distillery District. The alleyways and graffiti on the factory walls .. Loved it!!
The reception was a blast and so much fun and laughter filled the room. The children were in awe of the dry ice while Gino and Jenn had their first dance in the grand hall.
Jenn had asked specifically for some night shots outside so before we left this was absolutely happening. Some of my all-time favorite Wedding shots happen at night and the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex certainly did not disappoint.

An emotional day filled with joy

A totally spectacular day for Jenn and Gino and their families. John and I wish you safe travels on your amazing European Honeymoon and our thanks for being so down to earth with your warm hospitality and smiles.

Love to you both xxoo


“I promise to love you with all I have to give, with all my heart and soul” <3 Jennifer and Gino’s Wedding Day peek at the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex in Toronto. Our love to you both. xxoo

Jenn+ Gino posing at night in front Liberty Grand Wedding, Toronto Ontario off camera strobes

A beautiful Landscape of Jenn + Gino posing in front of the Liberty Grand lit up at night


Wedding invitations all in white with gol lettering - reception at the Liberty Grand

Special attention to the wedding day details –Unique Wedding Invitations supplied by Couture Stationary Designer: So Pretty In Pink

Jenn+ Gino -wedding ring details

Jenn and Gino chose their wedding bands/rings from exclusive jeweler: Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers


wedding shoes and purse both in soft blue photographed in front of wedding bouquet

Blue wedding shoes and matching purse

professional make up artist with bride

Personal attention to hair and makeup was professionally done by full service Corrie Elle Artistry


wedding hairstylist applying hairspray with sun flowing in from windows

wedding hairstylist + window light + wedding gown = perfect


looking out og the Hyatt

the interior and exterior of the Hyatt’s views on downtown Toronto were amazing

the bridesmaids smiling and having fun on the couch in front of the window at the Hyatt

the bridesmaids were awesome – fun and fresh the entire day in their designer bridesmaids dresses by New York designer Bill Levkoff


adorable photo of 2 flower-girls arms on curved window looking out at downtown Toronto

I love this shot of the flower-girls peeking out the window at the downtown Toronto Skyline


front shot close up of the designer wedding dress

Jenn’s gorgeous designer wedding dress was provided by none other than Essense of Australia – absolutely stunning!


lacing up the Essense of Australia designer wedding dress

the Lace was so regal


the bride in her wedding dress smiling as her bridesmaids put on her garter and shoesthe bride looking over her shoulder as she stands next to a window with white curtains

designed to create a modern fairy-tale bride – the attention to detail was exquisite


close up of the bride amazing white rose bouquetGino getting ready at his parent

Gino getting ready is assisted by his brother


wedding card from his bride with the groom

of course no wedding complete without a pair of vintage Decepticon Transformer Cufflinks!


the guesat are seated in the courtyard at Liberty Grand Wedding, Toronto Ontario

it a full house as the seated guests await the start of the wedding ceremony in the courtyard at the Liberty Grand


two flower girls flank the ring bearer as the start walking down the aisle

the flower-girls and ring-bearer did an amazing job that day


a proud father walks his daughter down the aisle at the Grand Liberty

A proud father indeed! walking his daughter down the wedding aisle


the groom gets emotional seeing his bride walk down the aisle

The groom gets emotional seeing the bride walk down the aisle towards him


Jenn+ Gino - Liberty Grand Wedding, Toronto Ontariothe maid of honour looks on to bride at the wedding ceremony

the MOH beaming – so happy for Jenn!


the bride looking deep into the groom

The look of Love!


Jenn+ Gino - wedding kiss at the Liberty Grand Wedding, Toronto Ontarionewly married couple walk down the aisle

Presenting Mr & Mrs!


after leaving the Liberty Grand, the wedding party arrives for group shots at Liberty Village standing in front of giant murals on the side of the building

the wedding party look amazing as they pose in the historic Liberty Village in front of colourful Murals


100 Liberty Street Toronto - wedding party pose on top of stairs

bridal party kidding around as they pose in front of 100 Liberty Street


Groomsmen posing at Libert Village with sunglasses

The boys look at ease in their Tuxedos


the vines growing up the factory provided a perfect backdrop for the wedding photos

the vines growing up the old factory walls provided a perfect backdrop for the wedding photos


the groom kissing his brides neck - she is smiling with eyes closedJenn+ Gino - Liberty Grand Wedding, Toronto Ontario - Destination Wedding Photographer -73

Jenn – you looked amazing on your special day!


the groom looking cool as he poses for a photo in the alleyway at Liberty Village

Gino looking relaxed as he stops for a photo in the alleyways at Liberty Village


Jenn picking up her wedding dress as she crosses the street at Liberty Village

So Elegant!


groovy kind of love as the couple walks back to the Limo Bus holding up her wedding dress

a groovy kind of day – a groovy kind of love – full of romance


Interior shots of the wedding reception with tables set underneath giant chandeliers at Liberty Grand Wedding, Toronto Ontario - Destination Wedding Photographer

The reception hall at the Liberty Grand looked amazing – the table settings and the centerpiece flower arrangements by CJH Florals set the entire room


close up details showing the six-tier wedding cake in pastel blue and white

The six-tier wedding cake was spectacular


more elegant photos of the table settings adnorned in soft pastel blues

the reception hall was perfect – the soft pastel colours throughout


Jenn+ Gino arrive at the reception inside the Liberty Grand Wedding, Toronto Ontario

the newly wedded couple make a Grand Entrance as they greet their guests at the Liberty Grand Wedding – Great Hall


couples first dance with dry ice covering the floor

a fairy tale wedding with the 1st dance at the Liberty Grand holding everyone’s attention as the mystical dry ice covered the main dance floor – dancing on clouds!


Cinderella Wedding Carriage was the couples weding favors - and they lived happily ever after

how fitting for such a fairy tale wedding but to have the wedding favors feature Cinderella’s Carriage
Under Wraps Decor is a family operated business with a passion for service

… “and they lived happily ever after!”


outside shot and interiro with giant chandelier at the Grand Liberty on the day of their wedding

the Grand Liberty is a perfect spot to hold your wedding venue – and the attention to details such as the J&G illumination overlooking the main dance floor


the flower girls give a heart felt speech to the guests and are simply adorable

I love – love – love this photo of the flower girls giving a heart felt speech to the guests – simply adorable!


mom and dad look on from their table smilingmom embraces her son as emotions run high during the mother and son dance

you can feel the groom’s mothers emotions in this photo


Jenn posing at night in the courtyard at the Liberty Grand Wedding, Toronto Ontario

The bride and groom headed back out to the courtyard (now empty of guests) for some quiet time and nighttime poses


the bride and groom pose together for one last kiss at night in front of the Liberty Grand Wedding Venue, Toronto Ontario

One last kiss/pose in front of the Grand Liberty Wedding Venue – nighttime wedding photography is a chance to have the bride and groom
quietly capture moments in locations that become magical memories!


A bit of “Love” for theVendors
Venue: Liberty Grand, Toronto
Photography: Ruth & John Stenson
Bridal Store: Essence by Austrailia
Floral: CJH Florals
Hair: Bride’s – Corrie Elle Artistry
Makeup: Bride’s – Corrie Elle Artistry
DJ or Band: Maximum Music
Cake: Just Temptations
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff
Groomsmen Attire: Tuxedo Royale
Videographer: Still Frame Photography
Invitations/Day of Stationary: So Pretty In Print
Limo: Exotica Limo
Wedding Bands: Bill Le Boeuf Jewellers
Detail Décor: Under Wraps Decor and wedding favours


Beautiful Liberty Grand Wedding Photography Downtown Toronto | Jenn + Gino

Summer is here as this engagement session lifts off

Andrea and Josh will be married this year, late October when the fall colours are at their peak, and we can hardly wait!! It is not often that we have the privilege of photographing a special couple who are also close friends of our daughter and son in law.

Romantic Sunset Engagement

We had re-booked the session due to weather – but tonight is the perfect sunset engagement on a beautiful lake. The sky was hot pink, and there was no one else around.

I adore who they are as people, their laughter together as a couple and their warmth and compassion. Andrea and Josh are the “real deal” and those piercing blue eyes of Andrea’s… leave me breathless! They are in love to the depths of their souls!

Chic and elegant Wedding

Next door to Ottawa , historic Perth offers a quiet laid-back setting for the perfect wedding. A limestone rustic, chic venue of the Code’s Mill on the Park will be fabulous for their Wedding Day.

Feel free to leave your comments as it is so wonderful for them to read.
Our Love to you both xxoo
John and Ruth

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Night photos in the lake with a pink and violet sunset in the background

on an isolated beach, the gentle summer breeze over the water gave way to a perfect sunset engagement session


Andrea and Josh pose at Historic Bedford Mills on a hot engagemetn session in the summer warmth

Perfect moment together


the couple are posing in front of the Historic Bedford Mills

the water levels may be a little low for June – but I don’t think either one noticed!


Andrea and Josh share an intimate moment next to the lake

there was no shortage of spots to choose from – Andrea and Josh were able to share an intimate moment


Josh carasses Andreas face as they smile at one anotherthe couple posing in the middle of wild flowers

Andrea has the most spectacular coloured eyes, the violets and greens of the wild flowers make them stand out


Andrea and Josh snuggle together at the end of a dock in the Rideau Lakes

a perfect moment as the engaged couple close their eyes and take in the sights & sounds of the Rideau Lakes


Andrea holding Josh - looking directly at the camera with those piercing eyes



Andrea and Josh take a walk arm in arm in the water down the beach at Sand Lake

the lake water was a perfect temperature – kick off those shoes!


Andrea and Josh - Perth and Ottawa Wedding Photographer - Historic Bedford Mills-14-3Andrea and Josh clown around with ice cream and popsicles

I loved this couple – they were so relaxed and the way Josh made Andrea laugh was priceless


Andrea and Josh - Andrea kissing Josh on the side of his face - he is smiling

Andrea had a way that evening – Josh couldn’t stop smiling


last shot - a silhoutte of Andrea and Josh standing nose to nose in the lake as the sunset fills the sky behind them

A perfect way to end the session is with a sunset engagement photograph – the sky is on fire and so are these two!

Sunset Engagement Session cools off in lake at Westport | Andrea + Josh

Summer + Father’s day + photo  shoot = Intimate Engagement

We picked a screaming hot evening to meet with Jessika and Nick at Mill of Kintail Conservation Area for their Intimate Engagement Session but perfect in the sense that it was Father’s Day and the park was completely vacant 🙂

A 5 Alarm Session!

Jessika and Nick we could not have had more fun with you both and totally loved your connection together. Amazing couple…beautiful intimate moments and your candidness was fabulous… so fun. John was hilarious with his posing techniques for Jessika…lol….so funny 😉
Great evening and I hope you love the results so far. We are so thrilled to be capturing your Wedding Day in August…..let the celebration begin!

**Please feel free to share/tag their Facebook Album but please do not copy and paste to your Facebook Wall as this will compromise the quality of the photos for your banner or profile photo. We want your friends and family to view high quality photography…thank you and enjoy.


Jessika and Nick engagemnt photographing with their heads toegther looking into each others eyes

the summer engagement session for Jessika and Nick was perfect – we had the Mill of Kintail conservation area all to ourselves

this is what happens when the Whole World Goes Away!


engagement session couple holding each other shooting through an opening in the trees

the sun was still high enough in the sky – perfect for lighting the leaves on the trees and highlighting Jessika’s hair


Nick has his arms around Jessika

Nick and Jessika are nestled in the Mill of Kintail’s “Cloister on the Hill” building – simply romantic!


Jessika peaking out of the stone building doorway with Nick looking on in the backgroundsilhoutte of the couple together inside the stone doorway

I loved the way Jessika is on tippy-toes posing in this shot – it adds so much emotion!


Engagement Photography - The World went away - Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto wedding Photographer-27-2

Jessika and Nick are so at ease – of course the jokes and teasing only added to their session


Blonde haired Jessika snuggles next to dark haired Nick as the sun filters in through her hair.

the sun filtering through the forest as the evening slowly closed was perfect


Nick kissing Jessikaa fun filled moment with the couple as they are completely in the moment laughing

Nick had a way of putting the entire photo shoot to ease


couple sitting down on a wooden bridge looking into each others eyes

the wooden bridge pose – intimate moment…  but it sure works!


Nick being a fireman, brought his helmet, suspenders and jacket - Jessika has his jacket on while they embrace

Nick brought along his fireman gear for a couple of poses with Jessika wearing the jacket – we got these in just as the day’s final sun was setting


Engagement Photography - The World went away - Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto wedding Photographer-29

This shot is definitely a “fire-starter”

The World Went Away Intimate Engagement Session at Mill of Kintail Conservation Area | Jessika + Nick
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