Historic Limestone buildings provide the ideal intimate backdrop

Just a super fabulous morning with Amanda and Jakob in beautiful downtown Kingston. We met at Le Chien Noir and they braved the frigid morning of zero degrees (but sunny!). Amanda and Jakob were “good to go” with a more editorial look and have such a wonderful connection as a couple. I must say the camera loves them 🙂

On Tour through Downtown Kingston to City Hall and Confederation Basin Marina

We ducked into City Hall for a quick moment so everyone could warm up a bit and as I turned around Jakob removed Amanda’s high heel to warm her foot in his hand…such a gentleman….yes for sure I took a photo which resulted in a ton of laughter 🙂 Candid moments!!! lol. Your love together shows so deeply, the way you are as a couple, and the emotion when you look at each other. Loved our day with you both.

We are so honoured to capture the memories of your Wedding Day next July.

Our thanks Amanda and Jakob! xxoo

Makeup Artist: Erin Berry, Pro Makeup Coach

The secret back alleys and walkways of Kingston were a perfect location to capture Amanda & Jakob

kingston engagement photographer captures romance in walkways and secret alley downtown kingston stylish editorial engagement


There was no shortage of places to photograph the engaged couple – I loved this shot in the courtyard

downtown kingston courtyard off Brock street was fantastic backdrop as the engagement session pose with the couple snuggling in each others arms


Connected and in the moment!

shooting this couple downtown Kingston captures the mood and connection as we peak around an alleway to discover quiet romance


Jakob lightens the mood before we head off to other Kingston downtown highlights

Couple pose in the dark and moody alleways behind the storefronts in downtown kingston, although sun was reflecting of the limestone everywhere


Beautiful – a little on the cool side – but Amanda warms it up

Walking through the Kingston alleways towards the next courtyard hidden away, the couple pause to spend some quiet time reflecting


Jakob was on the job as he whispers something and Amanda responds

engagement couple whispering together as they approach the stone walls and gates of histoic Kingston - they had the downtown all to themselves that morning


Elegant pose in front of some intricate stonework flowers

The Kingston stonemasons crafted a inlaid subflower plants in stone - specialists in stone work this was the perfect spot for the future bride to be and her groom


The streets of Kingston started to warm up that morning

black and white photograph of engaged couple back against the stone wall kissing in downtown kingston on a cool fall morning


kingston engagement photographer ruth stenson capture unique and creative emotions in the couple behind alley-downtown-kingston-on-stylish-editorial-engagement


Elegant – love this photograph of Amanda as the soft morning light flows in the windows

engagement pose downtown kingston as the finace poses near sun filled windows and the soft shadows illuminate her beauty


Jakob was on the job as he took turns keeping Amanda’s feet from freezing and sparking jokes outdoors

candid engagement photography as the couple enter beneath city hall and out back to enjoy the session - couple embracing and laughing


Metal fence, bricks, stonework and wooden beams peak in on the couple framed

shooting with a telephoto lens I was able to capture a romantic image of the couple holding each other in the historic back alleways of downtown kingston


Jakob is definitely aking a connection – and he’s not being put on hold

An elegant editorial photo of the engaged couple posing in the red telephone booth in confederation park in fron tof Kingston city hall - classic romance


The tourists were starting to fill the streets of Kingston by now – and the sun was warming hearts and thoughts

kingston engagment session downtown in front of the boats still anchored in the marina in front of city hall


And no session is complete in the heart of downtown Kingston without a pose in front of the locomotive

smiling engagement couple smile as they pose in front of the historic canadian pacific engine 1095 in confederation basin in the heart of downton kingston



Couple explore downtown Kingston Ontario for Romantic Engagement Session | Amanda + Jakob

Fall Wedding Celebration is Fresh and Fun for all

Blessed with Perfect Weather and Beautiful Scenery

We have known Brad for years ….and years actually 🙂 John and I were thrilled to hear that after 8.5 years together Crystal and Brad were finally taking the leap, but even more touching was to be asked to capture their Fall Wedding Day. They are down to earth, totally family oriented and love to chat which works great for me as you know 🙂 This Wedding Day is also very special to their children Kori, Trai and Will who were an integral part in the Wedding Party and their life together.

It poured rain all morning but since I watch the weather hour by hour, I was sure that their outdoor Wedding at the Lion’s Club Beach was a go. I arrived at their home and Crystal asked if it had stopped raining. Yes I replied and she remarked she had not even looked at the forecast what so ever. Crystal is a go with the flow personality so she was calm, cool and totally collected for the day. Casi was there doing the girl’s hair (looked amazing) and also applied Crystal’s makeup for her. Fall Wedding Days are full of emotion and Mom had a moment while she adjusted Crystal’s necklace but she would not be the only one that day. Weddings have a flood of memories and energy attached to certain moments and usually at every Wedding these happy moments come to the forefront.

Touching Wedding Moments

As I arrived at the Ceremony site Will and Trai were busy escorting the guests to their seats…so adorable! Brad was beaming as Crystal descended the aisle with her Mom. Robin Jones our Westport Mayor performed a beautiful ceremony for them. Crystal and Brad both had some touching moments as they read their vows to each other. An emotional moment as they commit to each other their love, and devotion for the adventure and journey they were about to embark on as husband and wife. Julia Friesen played the violin for the ceremony beautifully!

The location session was at a well-known hunting camp near Westport. Marty and Janet created a delicious Turkey dinner for this Thanksgiving weekend dinner and totally enjoyed by all.

Dancing Under the Stars

Dancing on the deck under the stars and lights and a quick trip to the lake for some night shots. Crystal you were beautiful and I caught Brad many times quietly looking at you with a gentle smile.

John and I wish you a lifetime of love and laughter with your family.

Our love to you both and thank you for asking as to capture a special moment in time for all of you.xxoo



The weather held together all day and presented the wedding couple with sunset and clouds for their night photography

wedding night photography on the beach in Westport Ontario under moody clouds the bride and groom kiss - there is even a far sunset

Crystal was full of anticipation as the day unfolded

the week before a perth wedding this week crystal was getting married in Westport Ontario on the beach in front of the Lions Clubthe bride getting ready in westport ontario with the makeup artist applying lip gloss

A special eye-catching wedding necklace was perfect for the Bride

Kingston wedding celebration held in Westport with the mother of the bride holding a glamourous and precious necklace for the bride to wear on her special

Crystal’s wedding dress and accessories were beautiful

fine details show as the wedding dress is hung on display

One final inspection before the bride slips into her wedding gown

the maid of honor looks up one last time as she hangs the wedding dress

Crystal found the perfect wedding gown with pretty lace and veil to match

close up of the back of the wedding gown getting tied up with the pretty lace as the bride tries on her waist length wedding veil

I love this photograph of three generations caught up in the moment

the bride in her wedding gown with her mother and her daughter admiring the dress on her

And the moment gets the better of them as mom is overcome with emotion

the mother of the bride crys as she stands looking at her beautiful daughterthe mother of the bride with the bride share a moment and the mother of the bride tries to compose herself

The wedding bouquets were fresh and simple as they displayed the panorama of fall colours

wedding bouquets showing their fall colors held by the bridal party and photographed on an old farm tractor

The outdoor wedding ceremony venue was complete with floral arrangements and bales of hay set the mood for this
exquisite and charming fall wedding on the beach on Westport Ontario


The groom and his sons pose for the camera as they are dressed in matching outfits and stylish orange ties


The groomsmen also matched in outfits and coordinated bright orange wedding ties


The father of the groom is all smiles as he shakes hands with his son and wishes him all the best

father of the groom smiling as he takes his son

Brad looked handsome and cool calm all day – at least until he laid eyes on his bride walking down the aisle

handsome westport wedding groom posing with a bright orange tie before the ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony was officiated by none other than The Mayor of Westport – Robin Jones

Robin Jones performs the wedding couples wedding ceremony and vows as the ceremony was held outdoorsnear the lake in Westport

The Bride is escorted down the aisle by one proud mother of the bride

shooting across the aisle i was able to capture the mother of the bride wlaking her daughter down the aisle and avoid showing the pick up trucks in the parking lot

The wedding ceremony at the Lions Club Beach in Westport was spectacular indeed


The groom is holding it together as they couple express their wedding vows in front of the wedding officiant Robin Jones of Westport Ontario

westport-perth-ottawa-and-toronto-wedding-photographer-intimate-wedding-crystal-and-brad-43bride and groom holding hands as they stand together amongst the fall details and floral

The sun shone and shone that beautiful day as a wedding was performed in Westport near Sand Lake

hot and humid summer weather gave way to gentle clouds and just the right amount of sun for the lucky wedding couplewestport-perth-ottawa-and-toronto-wedding-photographer-intimate-wedding-crystal-and-brad

The boys were keeping a watchful eye on the ceremony proceedings

children at wedding ceremony watching dressed in matching black shirts and bright orange ties

Making it “official” – Fall weddings are so colourful!

bride and groom wedding kiss on the beach in westport ontario

Presenting Mr. & Mrs. !

bride and groom walk down the wedding cereony aisle with potted plants and bales of hay for there fall wedding details

And I must say – Job Well Done Indeed!

westport fall wedding photos wedding bouquet children of the bride and groom smiling

Congratulations are in order – what a beautiful family together

ruth stenson photography performs wedding ceremonies and wedding portraits in the sprint summer and fall - unique and creative

The Fall Wedding celebration was spectacular all day long as the fall colours highlighted the wedding dress in full fashion

the wedding couple head out to a special location outdoors and explore the fall colorsamazing falls colors were everywhere, the grass was green and the bridal dresses with the fall wedding bouquets in sharp relief

The Wedding location included fall colors and fields of gold and green

Bride posing next to havester internation tractor in the middle of a fall wedding field

Ready for Romance

wedding boket love unique and creative bridal photography westport-perth-ottawa-and-toronto-wedding-photographer-intimate-wedding

I love this photograph – it reflects the vibrant and colourful nature of the fall trees – beautiful Crystal

on location just outside Ottawa for wedding location photos of the bride and groom with fall colours and beautiful venuebride and groom walking through a field as the groom holds up her wedding dress under a giant maple tree

We were fortunate to have access to photographing in a barn for some dreamy shots including this one with the groom looking out the barn door


Old school houses and barns provide the perfect backdrop

bride and groom pose in front of old school house with peeling paint and stones and old doorswestport-perth-ottawa-and-toronto-wedding-photographer-intimate-wedding-crystal-and-brad-71-2

The clouds were filling up the fall sky – providing a beautiful covering for the couples location – very moody

kingston ontario weddings held in westport are beautiful and relaxed - the mood set by the clouds over the lake are absolutely gorgeous

The brides choice of wedding details and cake colours were perfect match for the day

kingston ontario wedding details showing fall colours and the wedding cake was three layer with vines and flowers

I love the imagination shown at all weddings – Canadian Maple leafs and “I Do” on the Pumpkin – Brilliant!

kingston ontario wedding between perth ontario at westport hall - wedding favors - please take one and enjoykingston ontario wedding details - wedding chalkboard wooden hearts and pumpkin muffins

Magical – the guests overlooking the married couple dance outdoors under the stars!

bride and grooms first dance of the evening as they dance outside on the dance floor underneath floating lights at night

Congratulations to a beautiful couple on a warm and inviting fall day – may the sun shine always!

just north of Kingston Ontario is westport - a perfect wedding venue location so scenic and explore nature - amazing




Intimate Fall Wedding by the Lake in Westport Ontario | Crystal + Brad

Couple Celebrate their Happily Ever After in Style

Fall Wedding in the park – true to Bride & Groom’s Vision

Meghan and Eric are both Engineers and live in a small mining town in Northern Ontario and when I say North, that would be North of Kenora, although home base for them is Kingston and Ottawa. They met 10 years ago at Queen’s University in Kingston so a fall wedding in Perth Stewart Park seemed like a perfect halfway point. Guests arrived from all over North America, from coast to coast and everywhere in between for their Wedding Day. The quaint town of Perth, Ontario and the historic Code’s Mill on the Park was the destination venue for their special celebration as it offered a relaxed, unique experience for their guests and their love for a small town atmosphere.

Memorable Wedding Gifts for the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Meghan’s Mom handmade beautiful shawls for the Bridesmaids as Fall weather can be unpredictable. The personalized men’s wedding ties for the Wedding Party were custom created and sewn by Meghan with their unique personalities in mind. A very creative family!

The air was calm and serene as Meghan walked along the path toward the ceremony site in Stewart Park and Eric stood calm and collected. As she made her way down the aisle she glanced at Eric to see his reaction. Their eyes met, Meghan’s smile made his heart melt and Eric managed to fight back his tears but I must say just barely 🙂 Love, commitment and friendship had brought them to this point in time and an array of emotions, brought to life, in a mere moment.

Wedding Couple pose  at Perth Ontario 200 anniversary Dry Stone Bridge

The rain predicted held off so we trooped to every corner of the park for photos and the soft cloud cover of the day awarded us with beautiful soft light and vibrant colour, as the wedding party and couple took in the colourful Tay River and the new arrival of the Perth Ontario Bicentennial Dry Stone Legacy Project Bridge – absolutely stunning!

The guests received maple sugar candy as the Perth area is world renowned for Maple syrup, taffy and candy. A divine and thoughtful token of thanks from Meghan and Eric to their many guests sharing in their day.

Our thanks to the Wedding Party for braving the Tay River, warm personalities and thoughtful assistance all day. And especially to Meghan and Eric, we loved your down to earth hearts and our thanks for your trust in our captures. We adore you both and welcome you to your new life adventure as husband and wife.

xo John and Ruth


The Code’s Mill on the Park at night sets the mood for the perfect setting, the romantic backdrop for Meghan and Eric.

Codes Mill across from Stewart park is a beautiful location to pose the bride and groom for night photography, next to the historic stone building under a victorian streelight


Welcome to Perth Ontario! The Bride starts her day off right at the Historic Perth Manor, Boutique Hotel

Perth Ontario is the perfect location to get married with the bridal party getting ready at the Grand Perth Manor Hotel in a quiet undisturbed neighbourhood


Meghan’s beautiful wedding dress looked regal, on display upstairs in the Perth Manor Hotel

Perth Wedding Photographer Ruth Stenson hangs the wedding dress on a oversized four poster bed, the length of the dress flows from the center of the bed to the floorwedding dress hanging from four poster bed shown in natural light reflection in floor mirror, stunning angle perspective very creative


I love the unique wedding ideas couples bring to individualize their weddings – handmade shawls, unique jewellery and
beautiful wedding invitation fridge magnets featuring their engagement session photography

Kingston wedding unique wedding gifts, handmade sift frey shawls and stunning wedding invitation fridge magnets with the couples engagement session photographs

The bride greets her brother as she prepares getting ready in her wedding gown, memorable first looks are awesome

the bride smiles as her brother opens the door and sees her in her wedding dress for the first time


Meghan’s wedding dress was stunning as the laces are fixed and set by her mother

the mother of the bride ties the brides wedding gown laces as her bridesmaid and brother look on


The bride’s brother is taken back as he watches the final wedding dress details get taken care in

still in the bridal suite at the Perth Manor Boutique Hotel, the brides brother crosses his arms as he looks on to the bride get readythe bride get her wedding dress on in silhouette shows the gentle lines and graceful body that embraces to the look and feel of the perfect wedding gown


The final details just getting it “right” – beautiful

how to bustle a wedding dress, the mother of the bride and maid of honor make sure ita bridesmaid kneeling behind the bride making final adjustments to the wedding dress - sheer beauty


Meghan this photo captures the real you all day – relaxed and happy!

happy bride smiling back over her shoulder as she looks into her mother


The Bride posing on a grand staircase at Perth Manor Hotel … quietly shouts romantic elegance

bride posing on staircase in Historic Perth Manor Boutique Hotel looking over her shoulder as wedding dress flows over stairs


The Bride and her Mother share a moment together during the photo shoot at the hotel

Bride and Mother of the Bride holding the bouquet share an intimate moment together in the beautiful gardens at Perth Manor HotelRuth Stenson Perth Ontario Wedding Photographer at the Perth Manor Hotel with the bridal party in the gardens


The entire day was laid back and relaxed as the Bride and her brother share a laugh together

fun wedding pose in black and white of the bride and her brother standing arm in arm laughing in the gardens


Perth Manor Hotel was as charming and beautiful outside as it was inside

simple elegant Bride posing on the front stairs leading into the Perth Manor Hotel framed by white pillars


An All-Canadian wedding celebration in Perth Ontario – flags at full mast!

wedding party poses with the Historic Perth Manor in the background - moddy sky and the Canada Flag and Ontario flag blowing in the wind


Meghan’s choice of colours for the wedding bouquets was perfect for a fall wedding celebration

fall colours adorned the wedding bouquets for the bride and groom getting married in Stewart Park, Perth Ontario


The handsome groom looking on with custom wedding tie and cuff links

perth ontario wedding for Eric, the groom in black and white in natural light showcasing his wedding attire, arms crossed looking at the camera


Details of the bride and grooms gifts – custom made wedding ties, wedding socks and custom wedding cuff-links

custom made wedding ties in red with green wedding socks for the groomsmen


Meanwhile, down the street in the heart of Perth Ontario at the historic Drummond House Bed & Breakfast

classic wedding photo of the groom adjusting his custom made wedding tie in the mirror upstairs in the Drummond House B&B - Perth Ontario


Attention to detail as the grooms custom made boutonnieres matched the wedding bouquets

perth ontario fall wedding with the groom posing on drummond street downtown Perth Ontariocustom wedding ties - individualized backs, with this one showing fishes and tackle, how unique


Perth Ontario offers so many amazing locations for wedding photography – before – during and after the ceremony

groom and groomsmen (and groomslady) pose on the Glan Tay Bridge downtown Perth Ontario


The Bride arrives at Stewart Park passing by one of the many elegant willow trees on site

the bride arrives at stewart park shown here walking from codeperth ontario wedding photography by ruth stenson with the wedding party before the ceremony walking across the red bridge in stewart park


The bride crossing the Tay River Red Bridge at Stewart Park in anticipation strolling to the ceremony site in the park

Historic Perth Stewart Park is the perfect venue for outdoor wedding ceremony - full of charm and elegance


The Bride steals a quick peek over the guests at Eric waiting at the ceremony

epic photo of the bride smiling as she is being escorted by her father and looks over the guests at her groom waiting


I love “first looks”

the groom tears up at wedding ceremony in Stewart Park Perth Ontario as he sees the bride for the first time as she arrives


The Bride is escorted by her proud father down the aisle

bride escorted down the aisle at Stewart Park Perth Ontario


The weather was perfect as clouds covered the sky above and Meghan’s smile shining everywhere

the wedding ceremony at Stewart Park with guests, an uncle performing the ceremony and the DJ set up - no rain all clouds


Picture Perfect outdoor wedding ceremony venue at Stewart Park – as the trees were just starting to change colour

fall wedding ceremony in picture perfect as the trees and stewart park gardens surrounded the ceremony providing initmacy and charmthe groom looks at the bride during the ceremony, groom tears up a bit but hold it together (barely) how romantic


A beautiful ceremony performed by a family member – had everyone smiling

mother and father of the bride holding hands during the ceremony - pure love - perth-ontario-wedding-photographer-stewart-park-fall-wedding-for-meghan-and-eric-59candid photography of the bride laughing during the wedding ceremony in Stewart park in historic Perth Ontario


The surrounding gardens and trees in Stewart Park were spectacular backdrops to a romantic outdoor wedding

outdoor wedding in Stewart Park - gardens were beautifuloutdoor wedding ceremony photography by ruth stenson in Stewart park perth ontario - romantic wedding kiss


Mr. & Mrs.    –   The look of love!

wedding couple posing after their intimate wedding ceremony in stewart park with river and trees in backgroundthe wedding party poses in front of the river - standing on rocks in stewart park, perth ontario wedding ceremony


Eric was the perfect groom and gentleman, with always the right words for his bride

wedding couple embrace each other for photography standing in front of the river smiling


The weather was picture perfect for Eric and Meghan wedding that day

perth ontario wedding posing in front of the river in the park with the couple holding hands looking at each other smiling


As we strolled through the park, it was like the wedding couple had Stewart Park all to themselves

park wedding for couple standing under fall colours in trees - beautifulwedding couple pose sitting on the grass beneath a beautiful willow tree next to the water


We choose the Perth Ontario Bicentennial Dry Stone Legacy Project Bridge as the perfect spot for Eric & Meghan

Wedding pose on top of the Perth Ontario Bicentennial Dry Stone Legacy Project Bridge



wedding couple pose on red bridge over river - dreamy and romanticfall weddings in stewart park are perfect backdrop for posing with water and willows and bridges - even the water was calm


I love this shot – so intimate!

wedding couple posing with beautiful willow tree - rimantic and intimate photography by ruth stensonoutdoor wedding theme of water and bridges as the couple hold hands and smile


The Wedding Venue at Code’s Mill on the Park was charming and relaxed – perfect location next to Stewart Park

Perth Ontario Code


We’re married!



This image says so much about the couple, the day and the location – beautiful!

Perth Ontario, the fall colours show brilliant yellows and greens as the bride and groom pose at the river





Venue: Code’s Mill on the Park
Photography: Ruth Stenson Photography ruthstensonphotography.com
Bridal Salon: With Love Bridal Boutique, Kanata, ON
DJ: First Choice Entertainment, Ottawa
Hair and Makeup: The Curly Red Head, Perth ON.

Beautiful Outdoor Fall Wedding in Stewart Park + Codes Mill Perth Ontario | Meghan + Eric

A Fairy-Tale Setting for a Romantic Wedding in New York

Shannon and Joe wanted an intimate destination Wedding Day for their close friends and family. Living in Pennsylvania, they have travelled every year to  the New York Castle – Heart Island in the Thousand Islands and it holds a very special place in their hearts for them. A perfect suggestion, by Joe, (yes a romantic for sure) to have their Wedding Day at Boldt Castle, NY. The stone castle sits majestically on Heart Island with unique out buildings that leave you breathless as to the grandeur and restorations that have taken place.

Wedding Couple join History of Heart Island

John and I have had the privilege of shooting several Weddings at Boldt Castle over the past few years and the experience is “iconic” to say the least. The history embodies wealth, love and romance, and sadly, tragedy but the legacy of George Boldt testament of his love for his wife lives on . The Castle on Heart Island was started in 1900 but left uncompleted upon the death of his wife – until the 1970’s when the restoration began under supervision of the Thousand Island Bridge Authority.

Please take a quick minute to read about it’s fastening history here http://www.boldtcastle.com/visitorinfo/about

Joe and Shannon met 6 years ago through Shannon future sister in law. Their first date was snowmobiling and I think it was love at first sight as they have been together ever since.

Shannon and I had several phone chats and emails about their Wedding and she mentioned that they are very easy going and all they wanted was for their guests to feel comfortable and have a fabulous time. Their guests spent several days in Alexandria Bay with them prior to their Wedding and I loved the entire idea of creating a romantic experience they would always remember fondly.

Ceremony in beautiful Gardened Courtyard Overlooking the St. Lawrence

Shannon was overcome with emotion as she walked the cobblestone path with her Dad towards Joe. Family and friends also fought back the tears as they watched the ceremony. Their Wedding was absolute perfection with the love of their families and their love for each other taking center stage.

The guests spent time visiting the grounds, castle and out buildings as we captured some beautiful location creatives with Shannon and Joe. I am always amazed each time I go to the castle at the amount of restorations that have been done over the course of a year. If you have never visited, I highly recommend this day trip cruise via ferry, from Alexandria Bay, NY or on the Canadian side from Gananoque, Ontario.

Thank you Shannon and Joe for asking us to capture your fabulous Wedding Day.
Loved your warm friendly souls and love for life and family. Our best in your new adventure as husband and wife.



Bride and Groom pose under Boldt Castle covered stone archway

Wedding couple stand under the majestic stone arch at Boldt Castle after their romantic wedding ceremony in the castle courtyard


The guests departed for the wedding ceremony at Boldt Castle on Heart Island by way of Uncle Sam Boat Tours

Uncle Sam boat tours - travel from Alexandria Bay, NY directly across to Heart Isalnd where the historic Bold Castle awaits


Views of Boldt Castle and the the Children’s Playhouse across the St. Lawrence under blue skies

Beautiful scenic photograph of Boldt Castle with it


Heart Island’s first building – the Pump House is one of the most recognized building on the St. Lawrence river

the spectacular Boldt Castle Pump House with majestic stone spiers and a clock tower is joined to the island by a curved stone bridge


The bride’s wedding gown hangs inside the dressing room just outside the grand ballroom

the bride


I loved this shot of the wedding dress on display on the Grand Ballroom entrance doorway

the wedding dress is hanging on the massive doorway entrance to Boldt Castle Ballroom - even with the wedding train it doesn


The bridal bouquet and wedding details matched perfectly

beautiful pink roses in the wedding bouquet - as the bride gets ready for her courtyard wedding at Boldt Castle

wedding bracelet in the shape of a heart - matches the name of the island where Boldt Castle resides


Wedding details complimented the bride and the majestic setting of Boldt Castle

boldt-castle-wedding-photographer-destination-wedding-alexandria-bay-u-s-shannon-and-joe get married under the stone arch


A proud mother helps her daughter get ready for her special day at Boldt Castle

Mirrored reflection in the dressing room at Boldt Castle as the Mother of the Bride helps her daughter with fitting the wedding dress


the sun was shining in the rooms at Boldt Castle as the bride is fitted in her wedding gown


The brides wedding gown was spectacular

close up of the fitting of the back of the wedding dress


The bride was all smiles all day as she gets her veil attached and anticipates the regal wedding ceremony in the Courtyard

boldt castle oversize rooms with tall doorways flank the bride as she smiles getting her wedding veil placed on




A touching moment between mother and bride as the wedding ceremony time approaches

the bride now fulled dressed and ready has a quiet moment with her mother who is overtaken with the site of her beautiful daughter


Time for a tear or two before the ceremony – precious

the mother of the bride eventually gives in to a tear as she reaches for a kleenex tissue - as the daughter looks away


Meanwhile the groom is busy with his wedding suit – getting ready off the main bedroom in the castle

boldt castle has a small fitting room upstairs off the main bedroom for the groom and groomsmen to get ready in


The groom stops for a moment before heading to ceremony location in Boldt Castle’s Gardened Courtyard

a beautiful sunny wedding day at Boldt Castle has intense sun reflect of the stone walkways as it illuminates the groom


The beautiful Boldt Castle Courtyard with the renovated stone tower is transformed into a magical setting for a fairy tale wedding ceremony

boldt castle courtyard complete with newly renovated stone tower stands ready for the wedding ceremony - with the pump house in the background


The Father of the Bride stands outside Boldt Castle as he waits to walk his daughter down the aisle

solitary photograph of the brides father standing outside the castle patiently waiting to walk his daughter down the aisle at Boldt Castle


A joyful moment between mom, dad and their daughter the bride – how touching

just moments before the ceremony - the mother of the bride tears up as she stands with her daughter and her husband


A special favor was bestowed upon the bride and groom by a good friend

a friend of the wedding couple starts playing the violen processional for the ceremony at Boldt Castle, NY


With the guests seated, the father and bride exit Boldt Castle and walk the stone pathways in the beautiful Courtyard

father walks his daughter from Boldt Castle down stone wakways amongst beautiful gardens and majestic trees


What an amazing magical spot to get married in – breathtaking backdrop of the Castle

landscape photo of the wedding cermony taking place outside the castle in the courtyard overlooking the St. Lawrence river


The bride was like I said, all smiles that warm September day at Boldt Castle

the bride and groom holding hands as the bride looks up at the groom during the ceremony - beaming away


boldt-castle-wedding-photographer-destination-wedding the bride and groom seal their vows with a wedding kiss in the courtyard


A fairy Tale setting for a romantic wedding

the couple walk back down the aisle together at the wedding courtyard at boldt castle - wedding-photographer-destination-wedding


The children needed no instructions on wedding bubbles! Adorable

the children celebrate the wedding ceremony - blowing bubbles for the bride and groom


I love this – three generations at a wedding

three hands together showing their wedding bands - grandmother, mother and bride - resting on the bouquet


The renovated tower in the courtyard was simply amazing to go in and take some dreamy wedding location photography

beautiful back shot of the bride looking out a stone window in the stone tower at the wedding ceremony site at Boldt Castle


wedding photography at Boldt Castle, the countless locations and rooms and backdrops provide couples with stunning photographs and timeless moments


Shannon – you were so at ease shooting your wedding and location photos at Boldt Castle

the bride posing in front of Boldt Castle under the many stone arches


Beautiful September weather – blue skies + romance … perfect!

the wedding couple pose kissing on the massive stone terrace in front of Boldt Castle


Boldt Castles interweaving pattern of underground tunnels is both peaceful and moody – perfect for wedding couples

wedding couple pose in one of the many undergraound tunnerls that weave through the basement at Boldt Castle - light illuminates them through a stone doorway


Boldt Castle Underground Tunnels - wedding posing - using natural light flowing in through giant windows and doorways - magical!



wedding couple pose on the giant circular stone balcony that warps around Boldt Castle


Romantic posing just feels so right at a Castle

the wedding couple poses under a giant archway that leads into the tunnels at Boldt Castle - classic pose


You can’t get married at Boldt Castle and not have the wedding couple pose under “The Arch Entrance”

wedding couple pose on the walkway over water that spans the Giant Entrance Arch at Boldt Castle - with a fountain in the forefront


Boldt Castle wedding posing near the Epic Front Entrance Arch


“Heading Home”

wedding couple walking hand in hand up to the main entrance at Boldt Castle on Heart Island, New York State on the St. Lawrence River


standing on rocks near the shore at Boldt Castle - the wedding couple look into each other


I love this shot of the bride ascending the stairs at Boldt Castle’s Pump House

dreamy photograph of the bride holding her dress intow hands - climbs the stone archway at the Castle


There’s a movie that comes to mind looking at this perfect setting….

romantic - beautiful and dreamy - are the three words that describe the wedding couple posing on the grounds at Boldt Castle with the Pump House and St. Lawrence in the background


So sad that out time was up, one last kiss …

classic wedding pose - Boldt Castle in front of the Pump House - couple holding hands kissing under amazing blue skies - pure magic!


Boldt Castle Wedding Ceremony an Enduring Love Story | Shannon + Joe
F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r