Spectacular Wedding Venue under Log Building and
Custom Log Pergola completes Special Day


Year long planning with inspiring the best outdoor wedding ideas for Kendra and Joel

Throughout the year leading up to your Wedding Day I have many conversations with you as to your timelines, your unique vision for your wedding dayday (“must have campfire wedding photos”), answering questions and assisting with vendors if asked. My business therfore thrives on an open door policy that all B&G’s know I am here to listen and assist in any way I can. Knowing that each Wedding is unique, the flow of your day, details like colourful wedding photos next to a roaring campfire that are important to you and the overall look and feel for your final portfolio.
All Brides and Grooms have unique personalities and their connection as a couple. Kendra and Joel are pure joy together

Elegant Outdoor Wedding Decor Design and Custom Log Details

Kendra’s Dad owns KEA Log Homes – Scandinavian Scribed and the workmanship of his structures are absolutely breathtaking. Check it out on FB and the web…incredible! The venue was at Kendra’s brother’s home and a log structure for their reception was erected by him, just for their Wedding Day. Logs were used for the podium which guests added their best wishes for Kendra and Joel. It will be used as a coffee table in their home once the main base is cut down to size.

Warm Memories

Kendra and Joel are so down to earth and their Wedding Day vision was for it to be relaxed and a non-traditional Wedding in nature, as this best represents who they are as a couple. They love laughter and smiles barely left their faces all day.

Timber Log Theme was Perfect with Campfire Wedding Photos

In the final consultation with Kendra the week before her Wedding I always ask if there are certain photos that would be important to them. She knows from following my FB page that I love night photography so her vision was for photos around the campfire. I loved the idea!! My vision was to add my expertise to create a mood that they would love. (A blue gel was used to accentuate the smoke and tree in the 2 photos).

Our thanks to the families and Wedding Party for their hospitality and kindness. Wonderful to meet you all!

Kendra and Joel we loved your day and your warm-hearted personalities. We wish you a lifetime of love and laughter and many, many more campfires together



Bride and Groom pose at night for campfire wedding photography next to a roaring fire softly lit under a beautifully lit purple tree

The Bride & Groom pose for a special night time photo at their “Campfire Wedding” celebration


a large log building with open side houses wedding reception tables and floral decor

Custom made Log Pergola with roof made exclusively for the wedding reception


the bride sits smiling as she has her hair professionaly made up in a softly lit black and white photo

A start to a perfect wedding day


natural light photography on wedding makeup artist applying makeup on a smiling bride

The lighting in the log home was perfect for the makeup artist


candid photo of mother of the bride and groom share a story and laugh during the bride getting ready perth wedding

Sharing excitement


full length wedding gown on disply hung in log home underneath a mounted deer head in front of beautiful double doors leading into the master bedroom

The wedding dress was perfect!


Perth ontario wedding photographer captures bride getting ready in colour and black and white photos

Kendra couldn’t contain her radiant smile


one of the bridesmaids kneeling behind the bride adjusting her wedding dress in front of a full length mirror


the mother of the bride smiles as she reaches out and gently touches her daughters wedding dress moments before the bride puts it on

Getting in for a closer look at the wedding dress details


Bride admiring herself in a beautiful wedding gown displayed in full length floor mirror



Bride getting ready Perth and Carleton Place wedding photographer captures images and unique photographs on your weddding day


close up wedding portrait of the bride smiling at her mother during getting ready

A Smiling Bride all day


inside the wedding log pergola the head table is shown with trees in the background and special log table pieces for holding their wedding horns

The Bride and Groom had special made log chairs to sit down to in front of hand cut log head table – fabulous!


Custom drinking horns for the wedding party, engraved for Groomsmen and Bridesmaids in specially made log holders

Specially ordered wedding drinking horns fit perfectly in the hand crafted log holders


Carleton Place wedding details of the hand crafted wooden crates for red & white wine


blankets and cut logs for seats cirlce the stone firepit for wedding celebrations around the fire in the evening

The Stone Campfire with hand-cut logs to sit is ready for wedding guests after the reception


Wedding theme ideas for log buildings and location with a miniature log cabin designed as a wedding envelope holder for guest, adorable

A hand crafted log cabin for the couple’s wedding envelopes – matching the theme of logs on the wedding day


The groom

Final Touches for the Groom


With no mirrors outdoors the groom adjusts his wedding tie in the mirrored reflection of his groomsmen sunglasses


The groomsmen posing on hillside with their ceremonial wedding drinking horns strapped in their belt holders looking at the camera

And the ceremonial wedding horns in belt holders makes it complete


Carleton Place wedding outdoors with the groomsmen toasting the groom with oversized wedding drinking horns made special for the day, cheers!

One final toast


Perth wedding photography shows the groom posing seriously for the camera


Inside the beautiful log home front hall - the bride comes down the log staircase tall wooden ceilings and trophy mounted deer heads on the one wall of the log home

Kendra descends the grand log stair case


Carleton Place Perth wedding photography of the father of the bride handing his daughter over at the ceremony

The Father of the Bride with one last look



The groom hamming it up at the wedding ceremony before the vows

The groom had a knack of keeping the mood light


Kendra smiles broadly back up at the groom during the wedding ceremony

Kendra responds and it says so much about this lovely couple


The groom raises both arms in triumph as they are announced as husband and wife, the wedding party looks on clapping



The Bride and bridesmaids posing with their wedding bouquets as the early evening sun gently lights their beautiful dresses

The natural summer light was perfect


Wedding danceing started early for these two flower girls as they laugh and dance holding hands in the yard

Time to Celebrate!


On location the bride walks up to the groom holding her wedding dress in one hand and the flowers in the other - smiling all the way



The Groom kissing his Bride has the camera peeks through an opening in a tree


wedding photography requires soft front lighting on the wedding couple as they pose for the camera underneath giant trees

The fields surrounding the ceremony site were perfect mix of light shade


Beautiful backlit photograph of the bride with sun filtering through her wedding veil and dress as she walks through fields

I love this photo of Kendra walking in the fields


the bride posing with forground and background lit trees - breathtaking wedding portrait

Softness says no much


Ottawa location photography - The bride and groom walking together in fields


the groom helping his bride holding her dress and flowers as they cross over to photograph a new location

The mood between Joel and Kendra was perfect


Groom kissing brides forehead stading in a sunlit field Wedding photography Perth Ontario

The look of LOVE


Grey bridemaids dresses strapped one shoulder with lace matching coloured flowers

The colour compliments were perfect


Black & White group wedding photograph of the wedding party turning their heads around to watch the bride and groom kiss, too funny!

The wedding couple taking time out during the group photo


Carleton Place Wedding Photographer Ruth Stenson capturing delighful wedding moments


Bride and Groom dancing by a sunny lake, bride holding flowers and the groom in a vest Perth Wedding Photographer

Lakeside Wedding Dance!


the mother of the bride personally made the wedding cupcakes - and they were perfect to stick the wedding rings in for close ups

The personal Wedding Cupcakes looked delicious


Wedding Podium Idea number one, cut and varnish a massive tree into a podium, second have guests sign it and three cut off the bottom so it can serve as the coupls

As far as Wedding Podium Ideas go, this varnished log was brilliant, and cutting it down later to act as a coffee table, so neat


His and Hers Wedding Drinking Horns on display at the wedding reception

The Bride and Groom’s Ceremonial Drinking Horns and Custom Holder


Another brilliant idea was to cut another tree, strip the bark and cut slabs of logs into the standing log to display the wedding cupcakes - keeping to the theme of logs throughout the wedding

Unique Ideas were in abundance that day!


Individual Bride and Groom thank you gifts in cut and pollished 4 inch birch tree containers with candles

Timber and Logs – the Theme was displayed througout the wedding venue


massive timber cut head table for the entire wedding party - six inches thick and sanded and polished to perfection - Perth Ontario Wedding


Wedding reception and speeches held under the giant log building outdoors outside Ottawa in the Perth Valley

Impressive Log Pergola with roof, big enough to fit the entire wedding for dinner


Beautiful photograph of the groom with his hands gently tocuhing the brides face as she smiles up at him - Ottawa Wedding Photography


Wedding evening photography with special coloured flames and purple coloured smoke as the bride and groom pose next to the firepit.

The couple purchased special coloured burning packets for the fire – perfect for campfire wedding photography!



Wedding Day Vendor List

Venue: Custom designed log structure built on family property by KEA Log Homes, Perth ON. kealoghomes.com
Bridal Store: Sinders in Carelton Place
Wedding Dress Designer: Stella York
Photographers: Ruth Stenson Photography ruthstensonphotography.com
Floral: Apropos, Perth ON. (corsages, Boutonnieres, Kendra’s greenery bouquet)
WP Floral: DIY project
Hair: The Hair Loft, Carelton Place ON
Makeup: Truelove’s Day Spa, Kyla Truelove, Perth ON
DJ: Tunz Sound, Rick Killingbeck, Elphin ON.
Catering: T2BBQ
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal, Ottawa ON.
Groom/ Groomsmen Attire: Custom made suits by Moores, Kingston ON.
Officiant: Darlene Noonan
Cupcakes: Mother of the Bride & Cakes by Kissandra


Carleton Place Romantic Campfire Wedding | Kendra+Joel

Photo Session with Children Completes a Perfect Day with
Engagement Session

We arrived on scene for an evening engagement session just outside Perth Ontario to scope out some spots to capture the newly engaged couple and their 2 daughters, the location had everything we envisioned – from old stone ruins to landscaped gardens. Coming straight from a birthday party, we decided to focus on Amanda and Jason’s girls capturing their excitement and energy.

The photo session made a right turn as we finished with some fun filled shots of the future flower girls posing for the camera before their Grandma Penny ushered them off set so we could set our sights on the main reason we were there – an evening engagement session with Amanda and Jason.

Beautiful Evening Engagement Poses

As we made our way through the grounds, Amanda and Jason were as relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera as they were with each other. Lucky for us the sun stayed out casting it’s radiant glow through the stone building ruins – a perfect end to a warm summer evening engagement session.

Jason and Amanda we are over the moon to capture your Wedding Day in October. I have had the pleasure to watch your family grow over the last few years and from the photos the girls may very well be “show stoppers” on your Wedding Day and a special thanks to Grandma Penny for all your help.

Much love to all of you.





Perth Ontario engagement photo of the couple posing next to stone wall ruins of a building as the setting sun shines slits of light on their closed eyes - so romantic

The Perfect time of day for engagement photography – the setting sun and close embrace


two future flower girls hiding behind a bush peeking around it at their mom and dad

The couple’s daughters sneaking a peek during the engagement session

sisters sitting in a tree with matching pink watermelon dresses smiling

Matching dresses – adorable!


engagement couple posing sitting in a dilapidated stone barn looking off in the distance as the setting sun casts a warm gentle glow on them


bride to be with hands pressed against stone wall posing with a gentle smile in a stone barn at Perth Ontario

Amanda was radiant


black and white evening engagement photo soft light with eyes closed and gentle embrace



Ottawa engagement couple laughing and having fun during their photo session - her arms around his neck

Getting in the moment


Perth Ontario park engagement session with the couple sitting on the green grass with their children in their laps

Beautiful Family


engagement couple leaning up against a tree going in for a gentle kiss


3 photo sequence in panels - a triptych - engagement session photography of couple in park laughing in Perth Ontario

Fabulous sequence


the evening engagement couple pose next to a log gate as he looks back at her as the sun set behind them

One last look of love as the sun sets on a perfect engagement session




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Blog: http://ruthstensonblog.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ruthstenson
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/RuthStenson
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Perth Ontario, Romantic Evening Engagement Session | Amanda+Jason

A Beautiful Outdoor Backyard Perth Wedding Event


Unique wedding details throughout the venue and day – adorned with deer antlers and colour.

So many reasos to love choosing a career as a Wedding Photographer it has bought me so much incredible joy. My love for the pure energy, creative outlet and the emotions that push me forward with each unique day but it has been more than this….a life of meeting so many incredible people is really my bliss! Lindsey, Brandon, their friends and families optimize why I continue to love each and every Wedding Day and why I love photographing Perth Weddings.

Last minute touch-ups were underway when I arrived at Lindsey’s parent’s beautiful lake house. “Ruth you have to see this outside” I grabbed my camera and here was Hunter the ring bearer fast asleep in the 4-wheeler rover getting his hair cut. How absolutely hilarious, stone cold asleep for the entire styling. “This is how rednecks do it around here” was the comment from Lindsey’s Dad and everyone burst out laughing 🙂

Bride arrives in a classic 1970 Chevelle

The forecast was a bit dubious that day as some dark clouds formed over the lake…..a few sprinkles but the rest of the day was perfection. Lindsey and her Dad arrived to the ceremony in a 1970 Chevelle in mint condition. Dad’s pride and joy! Weddings are such a treasured moment and emotions run high for many of the family. Brandon fought back the tears as did Lindsey’s Dad as they are people that wear their hearts on their sleeve, so to speak,…so their love shows. Seriously this makes the service so real for all as the emotion is so true.

Stylish Tent reception details were memorable

The details surrounding this wedding were beautifully appointed for the tent wedding reception. Many guests brought trailers and tents so there was no need to drive as the entire day was at Lindsey’s Dad’s lot. Many friends also assisted to make their day spectacular. Laughter and joy was the flavour of the day and John and I were honoured to capture these memories for you.

We wish a lifetime of adventure, joy and many memories for the future with your friends and family to enjoy.
Love Ruth & John



The Bride and Groom posing in front of three very clean Crains Trucks – the name says it all!

the bride and groom heads touching pose in front of the Crains Construction company white trucks


The wedding couple inside a Vintage 1970 Chevelle as the sun sets at the wedding reception

westcott ice light casts a gentle light on the wedding couple in the interior of the 1970 chevelle


Lindsey’s wedding dress was absolutely

wedding dress hanging outside the lakehouse on a birch tree by the lake - beautiful details

The wedding dress hung outside her parents lakehouse property as the bridal party gets ready inside

brides dress with the cottage in the background beside a tranquil lake in Lanark Ontario near Carleton Place

Amazing floral arrangements and wedding flowers by Cathy Steele

floral design for the Perth Wedding was performed by the talented Cathy Steele - amazing presentation

The ring bearer fast asleep unaware of the final hair cutting trim – adorable!

a bare foot ring bearer getting a haircut as he is fast asleep in his parent`s truckweddings and on location wedding photography at one of the many historic lakes surrounding Carleton Place and Ottawa

`Look at me… I`m a cheerleader`as the bridesmaids and flower girl pose for some fun shots

bridesmaids and bride posing for pyramid with the bride on top smiling - trees are in full bloom near the eastern ontario lake


Lindsey posing outside the lake house as her father peeks out the window – priceless!

the bride in her wedding gown standing oputside the massive lakehouse with her father leaning up against the window looking out at hera beautiful bride peaking around the wooden posts holding her wedding bouquet of soft pink and purple flowers

The brides wedding jewellery and details were exquisite – jewellery on display deer antlers matching on the card

a close up of the wedding invitation in front of the wedding bouquet with the brides jewellery drapped on a deer horn - to match the deer antlers on the invitation, very coolthe briodesmaids helping the Ottawa bride get her wedding dress on inside the lakehouseblack & white wedding photogrpah of the mother of the bride checking on the getting ready progress of the dress

The sun made it`s appearance as soft light filters into the room during the final moments of dress fitting

Perth and Lanark wedding photography captuing special moments and bridal favorites on the wedding day

The final touches – very stylish

historic wedding bracelet given by her mom and a gentle hug with her daughterthe bride had an idea to place a wedding boutonniere on her father before she kissed him

the summer light gently caressing as it danced across the lake though the trees

classic wedding shot of the bride and her maid of honour posing in between some ottawa cedar trees

The bridesmaids dresses perfectly matched the colours in the wedding bouquets


close up of the bride posing and smiling as they are about to head to the backyard wedding ceremony near Perth Ontario

The groom and groomsmen tuxedos hanging – keeping the wedding Deer Antler Theme going strong

the grooms tuxedo hanging off the antlers of a buck`s massive antlers - the deer theme for the wedding was complete

The groom getting ready for the big day

a shirtless groom fixing his hair in the bathroom

relaxing and fun

special matching wedding shirts and ties for the guys - rented from Ottawa to match the purple bridesmaids dresses

the groomsmen were always ready to give their own interpretation of style

The day wasn`t complete without one photo with this old gal

Ottawa groomsmen and groom posing around a vintage red 1940`s tractor as they head to the ceremony in the backyard of the estate

Buck Hunting Knives – perfect gift for the groomsmen that day

each of the five groomsmen received legendary Buck Huntung Knives in leather sheaths - a gift idea that should last a lifetimea family tradition of posing in front of a vintage 1930 Chrysler car rusting away slowly on the family farmclassic pose of the grooms boutineer and photo smiling - he looks very relaxed indeed

flowers adorned the ceremony everywhere – down laneways, atop old barrels and of course the wedding trellis looked amazing

wedding ideas placing the floral arrangemetns on a beautifully crafted wedding arch

One Proud Father of the Bride

the bride and her father at the outdoor backyard ceremny walking down the aisle - the guests seats were handcrafted birch logs with timber seating

A touching moment

The groom handcrafted the wedding arch out of cedar and love

the wedding couple hold hands looking at the wedding officant standing beneatht eh massive cedar wedding arch

The long days and hard work paid off – as the couple take in each other during their special outdoor wedding ceremony

the outdoor wedding decorations and ceremony ideas for a perfect wedding day as the sun shone through the wedding trellis and lit up the brides eyes with delight

The flower girl with flowers in her hair looks on as the bride and groom exchange their wedding vows

a very yoiung and curious flower girl looks into the camera as the bride and groom stand behind here at the wedding vow exchange

overcome with joy!

The brides father wipes a tear during the moving wedding ceremony as the rign bearer on his lap looks up at him


The groom let`s his feeling show – as they were surrounded by family and friends

the groom overcome by his feeling of love dabs a tear away during the wedding vows outside at the ceremonyCarleton Place weather announcements were accurate as the sun gently shone through the clouds highlighing the brides hair from behind as she looks deep into the grooms eyes at teh ceremony

I love these moments – so much emotion .. then something happens to engage everyone attending the outdoor wedding

outdoor weddings are so amazing with all the planning and details and so unique to the bride and grooms vision

Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Crain

the bride is overjoyed with emotion as she smles at the groom as the walk back down the outdoor aisle on green green grassbeautiful pose of the bride holding her flower girls in her arms - Perth Ontario wedding beautiful wedding

it was easier getting up than down but the guys were awesome!

grromsmen wearing suspenders and posing on top of a massive wood pile - with slippery tuxedo shoes on - yikes

The lighting on the bridesmaids and bride was simply perfect as the sun passed to the side

Perth ontario is the perfect place to have a wedding ceremony and reception - so many green areas to photograph and down home hospitality

Lindsey – you radiated joy and happiness all day long

group wedding photograph ideas - having the bride peek back as they hold arms and walk away - classic wedding photography in the Ottawa and Perth areaelegant long flowing shear purple wedding gowns for the bridesmaids complemented the day and the bride as they walk arms in arm down a forest road towards the lake house

Presenting the married guy

Tucked away in Eastern Ontario, the Lake House was the perfect location for relaxed wedding photos

Carleton Place and Ottawa wedding photography by Ruth Stenson - nestled in the trees the wedding party poses together for the camera

The Bride and Groom take a moment to practice their first dance in the quiet comfort of the forest

perfect wedding pose idea for the bride and groom - lifting the dress and dancing in the middle of the forest roadcasual wedding photography for the Perth Ontario wedding couple as they take a moment to reflect on their amazing wedding day - green trees and gravel road perfect!

Elegant Bride

the bride poses smiling through the wedding veil in another pose as the couple head to yet another wedding location to capture their memories for the day

Lindsey and Brandon were so relaxed and it showed

I love capturing fluid moments of the bride and group interacting together off camera as it were - so natural - so emotional


Moody storm clouds in the background contrast the bride and groom posing in the field at the farm for their Perth Wedding

Classic tractor and wedding couple pose as the groom kisses the brides neck as they stand next to a vintage farm tractor thats been in the family for ages

The look of Love!

holding hands across the tractor - the bride and groom romantically look at each otherthe playful looks make this photograph so natural as the groom helps the bride with her long wedding gown train

The Bride and Groom arrive at another location in the pristine 1970`s Chevelle

dust flies up from the road partially obsuring the classic car withthe bride and groom arriving on location for more picturesspecial wedding photograph of the couple posing next to the Chevell vintage car - with racing strips and chrome gleeming

Absolutely essential moments, captured for a lifetime of memories

the couple close in for on elast kiss before they head back down highway 7 to Perth for the reception

beautiful flower arrangements at the reception tent

reception details and floral arrangements outside the tent located between Carleton Place and Perth Ontario

Perth Wedding – Backyard Wedding Ideas complete with floral and custom-made bar

a large white tent surrounded by floral arrangemetns and a close up of the special wedding gits idea .. a hand made timber outdoor barelegance and beauty as the tent awaits the guests with the head table and round guest tables are decorated with amazing floral arrangemetns and matching table cloths

Outdoor themes indoor – with amazing wedding ideas for backdrops and tables including a massive tree stump for the podium

so many unique and amazing weddng ideas as they couple put together athe perfect reception for their guests to enjoywedding table ideas and lyouts in gold and blue linen with the wedding goblets at the head table

The wedding Treats looked delicious

The brides idea for a Wedding Ice Cream station displying the vanilla, chocolate peanut butter and Maple flaored ice cream ballsdelivious wedding treats for the guests

Intimate evening in the classic 1970 Chevelle

off camera flashes gently light the wedding couple sitting inside the classic car moment outside the recption tent in Perth Ontario

The Bride and Groom light up a special Chinese Lantern and let it go in front of the wedding arch where they were married

the bride also had a great idea to order online several Chinese Lanterns for their special wedding night photography - they stand on either side of it as the lit lantern rises in the air



The vendor List for Lindsey and Brandon`s Wedding day and night:



Venue: Bride’s Parents, Tent: Rebel Tents
Photography: Ruth Stenson Photography
Wedding Planner: Custom Events– Amie Jackson
Videographer: Peaking Zebra Productions– Cassidy Howard
Bridal Store: Renewed with Love Bridal Boutique
Wedding Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero
Floral: Cathy Steele
Hair: Beauti Go- Mobile
Makeup: Maggie Bulloch and Beauti Go- Mobile
DJ: Kevin Carnrite
Catering: Ullrich’s Catering
Cake Pops: Sugar House Cakes
Bridesmaids Dresses: With Love Bridal Boutique
Officiant: Julia Foley


Perth Wedding – Lavish Tent Wedding | Lindsey + Brandon

Renaissance Event Venue, Kingston, Ontario Boutique Wedding Ceremony

Spectacular Wedding Details with a Personal Touch at Renaissance Event Venue

All Wedding Days are full of joy but I knew from the minute I met Amanda and Jakob that their day would be utterly fabulous. Amanda is vivacious, dedicated and talented at everything she does. The owner of a boutique store in Kingston (Amanda Wahl Realtor & Owner of House of Elegance) and Real Estate agent so being organized is her specialty for sure.

Amanda and Jakob exude such positive energy and they live in the moment enjoying all life has to offer but also this energy rubs off on everyone around them as well. They are pure joy to be around.

Amanda’s Mom is incredibly artistic at décor therefore the Ceremony and Reception was full of mini-lighted trees, candles and personal mementos. Chandeliers and mirrors reflect on the marble floors and the personal touches worked seamlessly at the Renaissance Event Venue in Kingston.

Bride and Groom surprise their Guests with Choreographed First Dance!

Since they are such a fun loving couple why not create a memorable 1st dance. Amanda said that Jakob was “not a dancer” but after 8 months of choreographing their Wedding dance in secret….all could agree that they both definitely rocked it out of the park! A fabulous arrangement of songs, lifts, intricate moves and specialized steps….totally and utterly incredible! Their guests LOVED IT <3

Professional Wedding DJ kept the Party moving all night long

The MC and DJ extraordinaire (Jason Ferguson) from Definitive Entertainment Productions was hands down… awesome. He definitely knows how to keep the party going with his Professional setup and incredible energy. Oh it was a party….for sure!

Thank you Amanda and Jakob for your trust, down to earth nature and your lover of life attitudes….we adore you both. Xo




The Bride and Groom arriving at Queens Univeristy in a beautiful red & white Classic 1951 Cheverolet Pickup Truck

just married - wedding couple pose next to their vintage 1951 Classic Chevy Pickup Truck on the vacant streets of Queens Unviersity


Inspirational and Intimate – I Love wedding poses and photography at night
Off camera strobes lighting up the bride and groom in front of the Renaissance Event Venue as their guests are celebrating inside

Nighttime wedding photography in front of Renaissance Event Venue lit up with strobes and mini lights outside is Kingston


Amanda showed her excitment all day!

Amanda and Jakob decided to have the wedding ceremony and reception and all wedding photography in Kingston Ontario where they live and workwedding dress hanging on a giant white mirror Hotel in Kingston

The Decor in white was perfect for captureing the bride and bridesmaids getting ready as the summer light streams thru oversized windows

details of the bride getting ready - white gowns, white dress, white room and white light light - beautiful!Kingston Wedding Photographer Ruth Stenson capture weding details of the bride and groom for precious memoriesRenaissance is Kingston

The Bride’s mother was just as excited as she was

mother of the bride in a satin pink gown peaking around a corner smiling

A stunningly Beautiful Dress

The bride gently carasses her full length wedding gown on displayKingston Wedding Photographer Ruth Stenson capture wedding details of the bride and groom for precious memories - Renaissance is Kingston

The wedding flowers and details were delicate and exquisite

Kingston Wedding Photographer Ruth Stenson capture wedding details of the bride and groom for precious memoriess Renaissance is Kingstonwedding flowers Kingston Ontario wedding details by Ruth Stenson Photography


The special occasion justified the perfect Swaroski Wedding Jewelry and Accessories

Wedding Jewelry and Accessories displayed perfectly on the wedding day with the Blue Swarovski Jewelry Box

Elegant Wedding Dress

Bride awith bridesmaids - examine the ruffles in the beautiful wedding dress (Kingston Wedding Ceremony)

Fluffy White cat peeking out from under the white Wedding Dress - adorable

The Bridesmaid were helpful and exuberant – their high spirits matching the excitement of the Bride all day

bridesmaids with bride getting in her dress - full of laughs and animated - perfect Kingston Ontario Weddingthe bride gently placing her earrings on


Soft and Gentle light filtering in on the Bride as she adjusts her wedding earrings

The light captures the warmth and beauty of the Bride

final touches as the bride and her mother prepare for the ceremony at Renaissance is Kingston


beautiful full length black and white photo of the mother of the bride and bridesmaids around the bride examining her wedding gown

The look on her father’s face says it all

the brides father approaches for the first look

Amanda takes time out to help with a individual tie assembly for someone special

the bride knots a wedding tiewedding garter assembly at Kingston wedding events at Renaissance Events on Queen Street, full day wedding ceremonyRuth Stenson Wedding Photography and Services - full day coverage

Is that coffee?

Special BRIDE TO BE Coffee Mug

The Groom and the guys getting ready at the Confederation Place Hotel downtown Kingston on the waterfront

Confederation Place Hotel wedding party gets ready suite - grrom and groomsmen prepare for ceremonyfull length wedding mirror at Confederation Place Hotel kingston ontario waterfrontRuth Stenson Wedding Photography and Services - full day coverage

The groomsmen kept the mood light and fun

Ruth Stenson Wedding Photography and Services - full day coverageKingston Wedding gifts - groomsmen gifts - Ruth Stenson Wedding Photography and Services - full day coverage

Casual Elegant Groom Posing with Style

Kingston Wedding Groom Pose idea Casual Elegant Groom Posing with Style

Managed to squeak one in before heading to the Wedding Ceremony

Groom and Groomsmen enjoy a free beer downtown Kingston at the water front Merchant patio - summer beer free beergroom with pink flower in his hair - downtown Kingston wedding photography

I beleive there was a reference to Titanic – not sure but the connection is epic movie and epic wedding 🙂

black and white titanic pose for wedding day (groomsmen only having fun)

On a more serious note, the groomsmen pose in front of the watefront as the summer weather downtown Kingston was perfect

Kingston waterfront wedding photography by Ruth Stenson Professional Services and PhotographerKingston Wedding Photographer Ruth Stenson capture wedding details of the bride and groom for precious memories Renaissance is Kingston

The Bride walking down the aisle at Renaissance Wedding Events

Renaissance Events and Wedding Reception - Bride and her father walking down the aisle as light pours in the doors and windows behind them

The Bride’s Proud Father

Kingston wedding events at Renaissance Events on Queen Street, full day wedding ceremonywedding day details and lighting at Kingston wedding events at Renaissance Events on Queen Street, full day wedding ceremonythe indoor lighting on the mini trees and chandeliers looked beautiful at Renaissance is Kingstongorgeous wedding boquets and flowers for the Kingston Wedding ceremony - green and white and freshRuth Stenson Kingston Wedding Photography and Services - full day coverage

The Mirrors reflecting light with mini white trees and mini lights – perfect details for the indoor wedding ceremony at Renaissance Events

Kingston Wedding Photographer and Second Shooter at the Renaissance Events on Queen Street, full day wedding ceremonysaying I do during the indoor wedding ceremony downtown Kingston on Queen StreetBlack and White wedding photographer Ruth Stenson Kingston Wedding Photography and Services - full day coverage


Elegant wedding ceremony at Renaissance Events on Queen Street, full day wedding ceremony and Reception at night

wedding couple exchange rings at Renaissance Events standing in full on the black and white tile floor - elegantthe groom placing the bride

Good Job Everyone! We’re Married

The Brides Parents look on as the Bride and Groom "High-Five" each other as they sign the registry

Presnting Mr. & Mrs.

Married couple walk back down the aisle grinning widly as they exit the Renaissance Wedding Event VenueBride and Groom look at each other after the wedding ceremony Kingston Ontario wedding coverage by Ruth Stenson Photography


Capturing the moments that wedding couples display is so much fun!


The Wedding party leave on a rented bus as they head to Kingston Queens University to meet the Bride and Groom for beautiful on location photography

the wedding party travel downtown Kingston on a rented school bus

The Bride and Groom arrive at the Queens University for wedding location photography under picture p[erfect skies and weather

wedding bride with bouquet at Queens University arriving in classic 1951 Chevy Truck


The Stone Buildings at Queens provided the Perfect Backdrop for this wedding photo session – soft and elegant

Queens University wedding photography - bride and groom pose beside stoic limestone buildings


The lighting was perfect as the sun reflected of the white stone walkways and arches – beautiful

Ruth Stenson Photography - Queens University wedding photography - bride and groom pose


The lucky couple had Queens University all to themselves as we explored and photographed them here and there

Queens University wedding photography showing the bride and groom posing for a 18mm fish eye lensQueens University wedding photography - bride and groom pose


Love this “Wedding Moment” between the Bride & Groom

romantic moment as the groom gently goes in for the kiss - Kingston Downtown University Photo SessionRuth Stenson Kingston Wedding Photography and Services - full day coveragethe couple share a laugh together as they pose at the bottom of giant stone steps at Queens UniversityRuth Stenson Kingston Wedding Photography and Services - full day coverage

The Bridesmaids decide to dress up their pose with the Groom – just don’t drop him

Queens University Wedding posing - the bridesmaids clown around with the Grrom as they log-hold him on the university lawn


A very Intimate Moment between the Bride & Groom standing beneath Giant Stone Stairs at the University

Queens University wedding photography - bride and groom pose beside stoic limestone buildings

Beautiful Bridesmaids Dress by LoveBird Boutique, Kingston Ontario

Beautiful soft colurs in the bridesmaids dresses were a perfect match for the BrideKingston Ontario wedding posing by Ruth Stenson PhotographyQueens University wedding party photography during the summer months is perfect - quiet and islolated

The wedding Bouquets were beautiful – Floral: Rob McMann’s Flowers

The wedding Bouquets were beautiful - Floral: Rob McMann’s Flowers


The guests at Renaissance Wedding Events Venue await the arrival of the Bride & Groom to start the wedding Reception

arrival of the wedding couple at the front door on Queen Street Renaissance Events and Venue Kingston Ontario


The Bride and Groom surprise their wedding guests by perfroming a well choreographed and much rehearsed First Dance together

Surpise First Dance by the Bride and Groom - Professionaly Chreographed over months of practiceFirst Dance spectacular Renaissance Events on Queen Street, full day wedding ceremonyBride & Groom surprise their guests with an amazing surprise choreographed first dance at their weddingExtra Special treat as the Bride & Groom show off their professionally choreographed first dance at their weddingprofessionally choreographed first dance at their wedding by Ruth Stenson Photography

Simply Spectacluar – A well Rehearsed and excuted First Dance to remember

the groom dips the brides on the dance floor for some precious memories Renaissance is Kingston

Apparantly the Bride & Grrom weren’t the only ones with a dance step (or two or 3) up their sleeves 🙂

The Wedding Reception Details at Renaissance Events and Venur were Perfect

Kingston wedding events details and table covering at Renaissance Events on Queen Street, full day wedding ceremonyKingston wedding events at Renaissance Events on Queen Street, full day wedding ceremony



Classic Wedding Photography – Classic wedding Moments!

The final photo of the location session for the wedding couple as they pose in fron tof a classic vintage 1951 Chevy Pick up truck at Queens Unicersity in the summer in Kingston Ontario - precious moments and intimate looks between the couple


Wedding Vendors that helped make this a special day:

Venue: Renaissance Event Venue, Kingston ON.
Photographers: Ruth Stenson Photography
DJ: Jason Ferguson- Definitive Entertainment Productions , Belleville ON.
Bridal Store: Lovebird Bridal Boutique Kingston ON
Dress Designer: Justin Alexander
Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Lafferty’s Men’s Wear, Belleville ON Lafferty’s Crossings
Floral: Rob McMann’s Flowers
Hair: Alex Todd
Makeup: Pro Make Up Coach- Erin Berry
Catering: Jessups Foods
Cake: Amy Royea


Elegant Kingston Wedding Reception at Renaissance Event Venue | Amanda + Jakob
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Perth Ontario Wedding Celebration in Style with Family and Friends

Romance and Laughter

John and I were honoured to capture another Wedding Day with this family and once again enjoy the kindness and warm hospitality to all who come in contact with them. Farren and Dustin you are a remarkable couple and loved every minute of your fabulous day! I adore the way you look at each other…so dreamy….and plain to see your love and devotion as a couple.

It was like a homecoming reunion at the lake for Farren’s Wedding Prep with so many familiar faces in her Bridal party. Farren was totally chilled and having the last touches applied to her makeup. How wonderful to have 2 sisters to accompany you in your Bridal party, close friends and cousins. The girls were amazing.

Dustin and groomsmen prepped at a boathouse suite close by, and fishing was perfect for some R&R before the Ceremony. Guys you were such a fun bunch!

Wedding Reception at Timber Run Golf Club

The beautiful Ceremony was at St. John’s Catholic Church in Perth with the reception to follow at Timber Run Golf Club in Lanark, ON. We stopped at friends of the family for location photos (love that red barn 🙂  and even managed to also speed off in golf carts at Timber Run for a few more of Farren and Dustin.

Your Wedding Day was full of love, joy and laughter, Farren and Dustin, and the pure enjoyment of friends and relatives from near and far. Our thanks for choosing us to capture the first day of your incredible new journey and adventure ahead of you. There were so many photos that I loved of your day so here is a taste 🙂

We wish you both a lifetime of fabulous memories and joyous moments.

Xo John and Ruth


Farren was all smiles as she peeks around the doors of a century old red barn.

Bride smiles as she peeks out from the doors of an heritage red barn in Perth OntarioPerth Ontario wedding phorographer Ruth Stenson captures the bride having her makeup professionally applied

Soft lighting accenting the application of makeup to the bride  [ Tara Silversides ]

Perth Ontario professional makeup artist and the bride

Exquisite details adorn the wedding gown – front and back [ from Isis Formal WearBrockville ]

The Bride

Bride posing with her wedding bouquet and closeup of the brides earrings and wedding shoes

The bride’s fresh and bright bouquet and stylish wedding invitation

with all the possibilities in wedding bouquets the bride choose a bright and fresh collection of flowers

A Touching moment with the mother of the bride helping her into her wedding dress

love the tender moment between mother and bride as they fasten the bridal dressbridesmaids getting ready for the big day

Getting ready before the wedding ceremony was full of laughs and excitement

Bridesmaids getting ready before the wedding ceremony - smiling at each other (Ruth Stenson Photography)

No wedding is complete without the special dog tuxedo posing with the Bride

the bride and her dog dressed in his wedding dog outfit - desiginer puppy tuxedo

Mother and Bride Photos say so much

Mother of the Bride looking at her daughter during the getting ready photos

White lace wedding ring pillow with accent turquoise was perfect match to the bridesmaids dresses

elegant white and turquoise wedding ring pillow in lace with bridal necklace detailsFull length images of maid of honor turquoise dresses as she ties up the wedding gown

Stunning bridal wedding dress [ Bridal Designer: Vera Wang ]

Stunning wedding dress with tie up lace by Vera Wang designerbeautiful moment with the bridesmaids tieing up the lace wedding dress as the bride smiles looking over her shoulder

Last minute wedding dress adjustments – adorable

the bridal party adjusts the wedding dress as they prepare for formal wedding photos on the estate garden

The day was filled to the brim with smiles and laughter

Bridesmaids in full length turquoise dresses surround the bride as they pose in the gardensformal pose of bride and maid of honor with bridesmaids walking shot

Close up of the gorgeous wedding bouquets full of cheerful colour and elegance

Disney colours in the bridal bouquets - according to one of the bridesmaids

A glance at the bridal bouquet through a veil – full of anticipation and wonder

white wedding veil photo of the bride looking down at her bouquet, lost in her own thoughts for the day

Not a word – the looks say it all

the bride putting her father

Fishing in Style as Dustin and the groomsmen get their tuxedos on  [ Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Moore’s Ottawa ]

the groom fishing off the dock before the wedding ceremonyOttawa wedding for the groomsmen (seven) at a lakehouse property getting ready

Formal attire and ready to get the groom to the church

seven groomsmen stand with the groom for a formal group poseBest man shakes the hand of the groom wishing him well in a private moment

The groom opens his wedding gift from the bride as the groomsmen watch on in the vests at the lakehouse

matching turquoise wedding gift wrapping matching the groomsmens turquoise wedding tiesclose up of the grooms wedding bracelet gift - initials of the bride and groom, silver and black mens wedding bracelet

Matching shoes and special men’s wedding socks, the colours matching wedding ties and bridesmaids dresses
so much thought in the details

Personalized wedding attire, matching argyle turquoise socks with brown shoes

The groomsmen standing at the end of the dock at the Lake house

Groomsmen in sunglasses pose at the Lake House - vests and turquoise wedding ties

Closeup of groom looking down as he adjusts his cufflinks

The best man helps the groom on with his jacket in the air conditioned church

the church was air conditioned as the summer heat outside kept everyone in the shade

Dustin cleans up good!

Single pose of the groom leaning against the church


Beautiful Perth Wedding Ceremony at St. John’s Catholic Church

Perth Ontario beautiful location for a wedding ceremonymother of the groom and mother of the bride walking down the church aislejunior groomsmen and ringbearer announce the bride walking down the aisle

The ringbearer double check over his shoulder that the sign made it down the aisle – so cute!

ringbearer walks down the church aisle with a sign saying "Here Comes Your Bride", so adorable

A proud father walks his daughter down the aisle

father and daughter at wedding ceremony walking down the aisle, all smiles and beaming as everyone looks onthe look on the grooms face as he sees the bride walking down the church aisle for the first timeback shot of the bride and her father walking down the aisle at St. John

Traditional Handing Over of the Bride – such an emotional moment

Father of the Bride handing over to the Groom, traditional and very emotional photographBride and Groom look at each other as they approach the alter in the churchthe father of the groom looks on


Balcony shot of the wedding ceremony at St. John’s Catholic Church in Perth Ontario

Balcony shot of the wedding ceremony at St. John

Photo of the wedding ceremony by Perth Wedding Photographer Ruth Stenson

Church wedding photography no flash during ceremony


Love this.

The bride glances over at the groom during the wedding ceremony in the churchBlessing of the wedding rings by Catholic PriestThe groom placing the wedding ring on the bridethe vows were special as the bride looks at the groomOttawa wedding photographer captures first kiss as the couple seal their vows


Farren is overcome with joy – classic moment!

the bride and grooms reactions after the first kiss - priceless!Ottawa wedding photographer Ruth Stenson capture wedding ceremony emotions and laughter in church


I love this shot of the married couple comparing rings

The bride and Groom standing at the front of the church hold out their hands to compare wedding rings togetherthe bride and groom - stand together smiling


Presenting Mr. & Mrs. !

Ottawa bride and groom processional


We did it!

Bride and Groom raise theirs arms as they exit the church in celebrationPerth Ontario Church Wedding kiss in front of the church


Three Junior Groomsmen and Ring Bearer show off

the junior groomsboys and ring bearer show off Turquoise tongues after the ceremony - funny photo as they stick their toingues out to show coloured tongues


’72 Chevy Nova SS Clean and Polished for the Wedding

Wedding couple pose standing next to a vintage 1972 Chevy SS Nova Gray and Blackromantic wedding photo of the couple kissing with the Chevy Nova SS


Trifecta – Beautiful Car, Beautiful Day and Gorgeous Bride

Classic 1972 Chevy Nova with Bride and Groom - Ottawa Wedding


Red Barn was the perfect backdrop for this wedding party

Large wedding party of seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen pose with the bride and groom in front of a red barn outside Perth OntarioGroomsmen lift bride up for a group poseBridesmaids surround the groom and plant kisses on his cheeksPerth wedding photographer group shot of fourteen bridal party



Gentle kiss on the forehead of the bridePerth and Carleton Place Wedding Photographer on location wedding poseOutdoor wedding photography at the red barn


Love this shot of the bride peeking out of the red barn

Century old red barn was the setting for the weddnig couple on location photography outside Perth Ontariothe wedding on location photography moved to Timber Run Golf Club


Beautiful light with the wedding location shots taking place at the Timber Run Golf Club near Lanark Ontario

Wedding photography at Timber Run Golf ClubLight pouring into the covered bridge at Timber Run Golf Club for wedding photographyPerth Ontario Wedding on location photography as the bride and groom embrace for a kiss


The married couple greet their guests inside the Timber Run Golf Club Log Building for the reception

Timber Run Log Building for Recption - full sit down meal service and dancingclose up of the bride and groom wedding rings - Perth Ontario


First dance together!

the couple enjoy their first dance together in the alcove at Timber Run ReceptionLight shines off the tile fllor as the couple dance



Venue: Timber Run Golf Club
Photography: Ruth Stenson Photography
Bridal Store: ISIS in Brockville
Bridal Designer: Vera Wang
Hair: Morgan Bulloch @ Salon Meraki
Make-up: Tara Silversides
DJ: Kevin Carnrite
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen Attire: Moore’s Ottawa


Beautiful Perth Wedding Ceremony at St. John’s Catholic Church with Reception at Timber Run Golf Course | Farren + Dustin
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