Barn gets make over – many times over as details burst into life

Bride and Groom capture the meaning of charm as they welcome their guests

To say that Amy and Tyler’s Wedding Day was “Country Chic” would be a total understatement. I was in awe of the incredible creativity in every nook and cranny that screamed beautiful. As I walked into the venue my eyes darted to try to take in the all the elements. Their venue was at a neighbour’s barn which they transformed into a magazine worthy location.

Vision for the ceremony included an amazing Plan-B

The barn was their backup B plan in case of rain so they set to work removing all the cow stalls and whitewashed the interior walls and ceiling. The large doors at each end and all pillars inside were cascaded with white sheers to complete the dreamy effect on this rustic barn. The real “chic effect” although was the exterior of the barn that conveniently had a cement pad for their reception, tables and dancing. I felt as if I had been transported to a quaint European village. Tyler could have rented tables for their guest’s dinner but he had a vision and he definitely hit the mark building, sanding and staining each table. There was even a children’s table created low to the ground just for them. Each table had a beautiful runner with unique set of elements adorned in the center. Believe me when I say I have added just a taste of the details they created!! It was a magical, beautiful site/sight and I know from the chatter of your guests when they arrived, they also were in awe of this fabulous vision you made.

The Thunderstorms and Rain held off all round Elgin – horseshoes indeed!

I met Amy and Tyler years ago when they contacted me for an Engagement session….2 actually as Amy is creative soul and she had another vision for several other locations 🙂  They are such a warm compassionate couple and it is plain to see that they are each others best friends and absolutely life partners. Amy was stunning in her Wedding gown and her beautiful smile blessed each guest. What I loved was the children who Amy attracts like bees to honey…they adore her warm positive vibe and attention to them.

Although the weather outlook was poor for Saturday we were blessed to only have about 20 minutes of hard rain during the location creatives but no worries at all John and I had planned for this and had umbrellas handy just in case. The show must go on and Amy and Tyler rocked their creatives without even thinking twice about the downpour. They are troopers and a bit of rain was certainly not going to impede their day J  Rain is magic!

Country Wedding Paradise

Pastor Bob created a relaxed, touching and beautiful service which even included a refreshment for Amy and Tyler J Amy created handmade books to read their vows to each other and couldn’t help but hug Tyler after each reading, an awe moment for sure.

Merle (Amy’s Mom) made all the food for the guests, with the assistance of Amy’s sisters, and that is absolutely incredible. I am sure the guests enjoyed every single delicious bite 🙂

Congratulation’s Amy and Tyler on your vision and John and I wish you a lifetime of joy, love and devotion on your new adventures in life together.  xxoo


I love the serene look on the brides face as she embraces the moment and not a care that the rain made a brief appearance



You could almost feel the emotion as the newly married couple capture a quiet moment together

The wedding couple pose in the open window of the barn - eyes closed as the groom kisses the bride on her cheek


Exquisite details down to the hand-crafted ring box kept the wedding personal for the bride & groom

hand crafted ring box and direction sign next to the highway give you a glimpse into how much hard work and planning went on


The wedding gown and jewellery were perfect to match the brides radiance the whole day through

the wedding preperation and venue (just outside Ottawa) was a perfect location for a country wedding - the brides dress is on display hanging in a tree


The brides choice of wedding gown matched her perfectly – in style and elegance

two different angles showing the soft details in the wedding dress - natural light photography


Amy was radiant and smiles all day long!

Country Chic wedding planning - table design - barn makeover and table details


The bride receives the final touch up from the makeup artist

daylight balanced round window lighting helped get the makeup just right that day - ottawa toronto kingston wedding


The bridesmaids were amazing – fun and fresh



The make up artist performing some last minute application just before the bride slips into her wedding dress



The bride adjusts her earrings, with the wedding gown hanging in the mirror

mirror reflection of the bride and the wedding gown hanging on a full length floor mirror - ottawa chic country wedding


I love this shot of the bride kneeling down to inspect the wedding dress as it is hanging on display

ottawa black and white wedding portraiture - the sun is filtering in thru the window onto the wedding gown as the bride kneels in front of it


The look on the brides face says it all as she puts on the wedding dress for the first time on her wedding day

bride examines herself in the mirror as she sees the dress in full reflection in the mirror



Mother of the bride helps her daughter with the back of the dress as they both stand in front of the mirror

ottawa-toronto-kingston-wedding-photographer-country-chic-wedding-amy-and-tyler-12-2gentle light fills the room as the bride is getting her wedding gown on


The back of the dress is on full display in the mirror in all its beauty and design



The bride quickly checks the weather outside, the call was originally for thunderstorms … but the sun shone on instead!

beautiful backlit photo of the bride looking out the window during getting ready


The bride poses as she adjusts her jewellery in front of the open window – beautiful!


The checklist for the day did include umbrellas, so I decided to use one as a prop (sans rain 🙂 )

the bride looks stunning as she poses with a white wedding umbrella


A big part of the day for both bride and groom was the children



The flower girls were simply adorable!

the flower girls stole the show with their frilly dresses and angelic looks


The dark clouds in the background make this photograph stand out

bride and bridal party pose in front of a feild of corn with dark gray clouds in the horizon


Tyler (the groom) was busy placing the many details out at the venue, but managed to slow down to have a couple of portraits

dog dressed up in wedding outfit collar as the groom poses with the wedding dog



The handsome groom poses alongside the farms many outbuildings – perfect spot in the shade as it was hot and humid

classic groom portrait - at farm next to silos


The wedding details were everywhere you looked – on painted tables, in trees

farm water troff used to hold the canned drinks for the guests, plus a special wedding steamer trunk


My favorite barn – red barn! yippee!

everyhting was hand made - the individual signs for the food dishes to the table dressings


Incredible details, down to the punch and lemonade dispensers to the handmade old-fashioned lemonade stand – amazing

old fashioned wedding lemonade stand and jugs - perfect drink for a hot & humid day


The handmade tables (the groom again) and matching table settings and covered chairs looked spectacular as they
brought the entire outdoor area together in a precise yet casual way.



Bales of hay provided the perfect perch for the sunflowers and red rocket wagon provided an unforgettable wedding experience

the red barn and white silo are on display in the background as more details are photographed including a wooden box of sunflower plants


The proud mother and father of the bride walk down the aisle



The groom was in awe when he saw the bride walk down the aisle

ottawa outdoor wedding details galore, white veiled sheers adorned the wedding trellisottawa-toronto-kingston-wedding-photographer-country-chic-wedding-amy-and-tyler-46


The ceremony moved some to tears and other times to smiles and laughter – a relaxed and intimate wedding ceremony by their friend Pastor Bob



The pastor held the couples attention throughout the entire ceremony as he lead them through the wedding

Pastor Bob leads the discussion and explanation during a moving wedding ceremony



And at times – the ceremony was very moving



We could not have photographed a couple that embraced the moment and were totally into each other – awe moment!



Presenting   Mr.  &   Mrs.  !!



Magical moment!



Mother and daughter share an intimate moment together



The attention to details including the wedding favors and how they were displayed was truly inspiring



Pine trees saplings became the perfect wedding favor as well



I loved the old fashioned Kissing Booth – complete with signage and camera – amazing!



Romance was in the air as the married couple pose next to the red barn and silos – the look of love!



Guess what.. we are married!  🙂



There was no shortage of spots to shot the wedding portraiture in and around the transformed dairy barn



Beautiful passion between these two lovebirds!



The bride was up for photography in the barn, in the fields – she was OK anywhere – completely rocked the session!



Simply Dreamy!



At one point some rain fell slightly so we made sure we got a side light shot inside the transformed barn into wedding hall!



After a short rainfall – the vibrant colours of the forest set the photo session on fire!



A beautiful moment in paradise as the couple quietly reflect on the day



Flower girls are precious, photographing them together – is adorably priceless wonderful 🙂



A final shot of the day captured the intimacy and magical essence of Amy & Tyler wedding day




Country Chic Wedding with Beautiful Details – Perth Ontario | Amy + Tyler

Abandoned Barn with its Wide Open Spaces says Yes to the Dress!

Couple brings destination wedding home – in style!

Stacey and Darren are known to be avid world travellers so a beach theme seemed perfect, as they have spent time trekking the white beaches in tropical climates and exotic locales. So when they chose to be married at home under the shade of their beautiful trees  on their front lawn, they immediately got to work on landscaping the grounds (Darren’s profession and totally unbelievably fabulous), the gardens, the extensive stone walkways and of course the countless wedding themed details scattered throughout the entire property – including a World Destination Sign Post.  Even a  little bit of the Tropical South Seas was imported by a friend of theirs – Brandon Wilby – who handmade and delivered a custom Tiki Bar complete with roof, which I am pretty sure he will have a few new orders.

No Stone Left Unturned – no detail left out for this amazing Tent Wedding

The floral from Sylvia’s Plant place was exquisite. Stacey loves colour and so the floral represented this throughout the tent and ceremony site. A cascade of flowers on the trellis with large urns beside added such warmth and focus for the ceremony.  Although it is not always possible to have a wedding ceremony in shade,  but seeing where Stacey & Darren setup the handmade wedding trellis  – I must say I was thrilled to view the location as it adds such a soft light of creamy goodness!

Everything came together as the guests started arriving, the officiant hooked up Darren`s mic to the PA system and everyone waited the arrival of the bride and her father to walk down the aisle.   You could feel the anticipation racing through Darren as he managed to stop his lips quivering as Stacey walked towards him, but his smile took over quickly as she approached and took hold of his hand. They are so relaxed together and totally in the moment so there was lots of laughter, fun and the warmth of love for family and friends who attended.

Wedding Photography Planned – Abandoned House and Farm is Perfect Photoshoot

As a precaution the day before, Stacey and I checked out an abandoned farm with a close friend of Stacey`s –  as a possible location photoshoot site for their B&G photos. And Oh my goodness, stop the presses!  I was not only in love with the idea of shooting in an Abandoned House and Barn – but upon seeing it in person – it spoke to my creative impulses and I was left speechless as my mind catalogued all the poses and places we could shoot. The old rundown farmhouse was right up my alley and Stacey and Darren were the perfect couple to pull this location off.

This Bride & Groom were always game for anything and they love pushing a more editorial look to their portfolio. I have to say that as a photographer it is important to know your couple’s personality and since Stacey and Darren are so fluid together – they were as eager as I was to capture the stunning wedding images that contrasted a pristine white wedding gown against the edgy rundown look of the abandoned house – game for anything and this adventurous setting spoke to them as well.

Stacey thought nothing of climbing a 2o foot ladder in her wedding dress in the old barn and being in a house full of coon mess and pealing wallpaper…..that is my kind of Bride!

** Special thanks **  to Darren`s groomsman Andrew for your assistance on the location shoot…you were totally awesome! xo

Stacey & Darren – you both are such a warm and compassionate couple,  John and I adored capturing your Wedding Day and loved your warm friendship over the past year.
We wish you a lifetime of new adventures and laughter in your new journey as husband and wife.

Xxoo to you both…..John and Ruth.



Edgy Wedding Photo Shoot at Abandoned Farm House – simply amazing, so much opportunity we had to be very choosy indeed!

The bride and groom decided oh an amazing stylized wedding photo shoot in abandoned building near ottawa perth, ontario, it was perfect

” My heart be still ” Stacey and Darren…I adored every single minute xo

the bride and groom pose in an abandoned house with paint peeling off the kitchen walls and filth everywhere - unbelievable

All the wedding signs and details were thought out and made by hand

close up tent wedding detail shots of guest seating sign and welcom to the wedding sign - both unique and handmade

Perfect white country porch showing the brides wedding dress

Chic Country setting - farmhouse white wedding porch with blue skies and flowers

The Wedding Bouquet was a beautiful design by Sylvia`s Plant Place Florist in Perth

Sylvia`s Plant Place in Perth Ontario designed an elegant yet simple floral wedding boquet of colourful wild flowers

wedding jewellery laced on wedding bouquet - specialty cut flowers adorne the bride on her special day

I love this shot of the flower girl waiting with extreme patience on the stairs for the bride to get into her wedding dress

cute flower girl sits at bottom of stircase waiting for the bride to come down and put on her wedding dress - quiet moments like this are magical

Touching photo of the Bride with her Mother getting ready

The mother of the bride is already dressed in her new dress - helps her daughter fasten jewellery and get ready for the ceremony

Mom`s helping hands on the bride`s wedding dress fasteners

clean and elegant design as mother of the bride helps do up her daughters wedding dress at the heritage home in Perth Ontario

This image speaks for itself – so full of tender emotion

natural light makes photographing wedding dress details and items so all the wedding stitches stand out and the wedding details sparkle

The elegant invitations with vibrant colours and beach aqua tones were perfect

aqua colors and beach imprint wedding invitations on display with wedding details - jewellery and shoes - matching the floral bouquet

The softness in this image captures the moment

The bride is standing next to a window where light is flowing in on her as she carefully puts her earrings on, looking back over her shoulder with a slight smile in the pose

The flower girl happily obliged me when I asked to take a picture of her adorable flower girl headdress

Wedding day preperations - the flower girl is wearing her matching wedding headdress with little purple flowers - florist did an amazing job located outside Ottawa in Perth Ontario

Dreamy Wedding Pose Stacey!

the bride fully dressed now, in full attire and veil strikes a sultry wedding pose at the foot of the stairs looking back over her shoulder at the camera - simply dreamy

Soft lighting covers the final makeup artists touches for the wedding party

Elegant creative wedding photography - full coverage of all the wedding details for the bride and grooms wedding album

Stacey was on her game the entire day through

Ottawa professional wedding photography capture the moments you want and the moments you didn`t know - such as this one with the bride casually glancing over and down on her left shoulder - so elegant!


The Maid of Honor poses and smiles with her best friend the bride on her special day made possible with so much help



I love the expressions of the bridal party as the cork flies into the air from the champagne bottle

Bride opens bottle of champagne with her bridesmaids as the cork flies from the bottle high into the air, the miad of honor as an especially concerned look on her face as does the young flower girl



The groom upon visiting Vietnam on a trip, had the good fortune to arrange with a local men`s tailor shop to
have a custom fitted Silk Suit made for his Wedding Day

The groom arranged a proper custom made silk suit to be tailor made in Vietnam and shipped over to Ottawa Canada for his wedding day - it took about three months for delivery



The groom looking debonair and cool and calm the morning of his wedding day – happy the details are perfect

Classic wedding pose of the groom dressed in shirt and silk tie smiles at the camera - he knows today he gets married to his sweetheart



The groomsmen were funny and kept the mood light as they joked around with the Groom

wedding groomsmen holding out both his arms waving them in the air as he laughs with his shirt half done up



Showing off his custom wedding socks

Perth wedding details of the groom and groomsmen showing off their special weddign day socks - laughing of course



The Groomsmen deliver the perfect Blue Steel Pose

the groomsmen with sunglasses on place one hand behind their head as they drink a bottle of wedding beer - beer, check - cool blue steel pose, check



Final adjustments delivered – check!

the best man makes a final adjustment to the grooms attire - the Silk Suit Wedding attire fits perfectlyThe groom - in his custom silk suit poses in the rock garden he built for their wedding day



On display in the tent were the travelog details of Darren & Stacey`s many trips abroad
including a special world map in wood for the guests to sign (in the oceans) how original

based on the wedding theme of detinations and travel - the bride and groom have old suitcases and travel items they collected in their travels on display in the tent


Fitting that Stacey and Darren would choose to design their wedding guest book as a map of the world – travel on

custom wedding favors - exotic spices and a close up photo detail shwoing the unique wedding guest book, which is actaully a wooden world map were the guests can sign in special inksea shells from the ocean and other wedding details adorned the wedding venue (their front yard) in every nook and cranny



Carrying on with their Wedding Destination & Travel Theme – they built a special travel destination sign post with the places they visited and how far away they are
and the special wedding gift (the Wedding Tiki Bar with straw roof) from their good friend Brandon Wilby

the destination sign post at their wedding shows places they have visited and how many kilometers away - each country`s sign is painted a different colour and of course the weddgin tiki bar complete with wedding tiki torches for the beach



The bride and groom pose together under their custom made wedding trellis complete with floral arrangement – beautiful!

custom made weding trellis - nine feet tall, eight feet wide stained in gray was handmade for their wedding day by the groom


The wedding ceremony begins

an adorable photo of the flower smiling as she carries a wicker basket of purple flowers and throws them down the aisle



A proud father walk his daughter down the aisle

Father of the bride walks arm in arm with his daughter down the aisle beneath overhanging trees



The groom catches site of his bride walking towards him – intense concentration to composure Darren, Bravo!

the groom his looking at his bride, but barely remaining calm as she walks the few remaining steps toward him and the officant under the trellis



Well done dad! The handover is complete as everyone smiles

the father of the bride takes his future son-in-law hand and places it into his daughters hand for the wedding ceremony handoverthe officant suggested they perform part of the wedding ceremony using an ancient scottish tradition - the oathing stone - how original and unique



The lighting was perfect at the location they choose for the wedding ceremony

a lot of work took place during the hottest and driest summers to plant new lawns and grow grass for their wedding day celebrationthe bride and groom hold hands and smile as they exchange wedding vows



I love this picture of the flower girl intently looking up at the bride during the ceremony – priceless

the flower girl is focused on looking at the bride as the bride and groom exchange their vows - priceless moment during the ceremony


And present Mr. & Mrs.!

the married couple are all smiles as they head back down the aisle


The wedding party let loose and jump for joy – and quite the height there fellas!

a fun filled photograph of the entire wedding party posing as they jump directly up in the air - even the bride has some height to her leapottawa wedding photography - classic wedding pose of the bride and her bridesmaids posing with their wedding bouquets held out in frontOne of the hottest summers on record, we had the groomsmen pose together without their jackets - in the shade of course



After a quick car ride, we arrive at the appointed wedding photoshoot location and the light was just perfect at that time of day!

the bride leads the groom down the middle of a farmers field as streams of gold and green fill the area around them - creamypicture perfect pose of the bride walking hand-in-hand with the groom over fields of gold



Upon arriving at the Abandoned Farm House – the setting was perfect – the weather worn paint and overgrown weeds
Inside was even more awesome – and a little edgy!

Bride and Groom pose outside an abandoned buidling with spectacular effects and contrast - very moody



The light was falling softly into the lonely house – but this couple gave new life and purpose to the forgotten building

the bride stands at a window in the old house looking out as we hold up her wedding veil to make the shot amazing and soft


No Shortage of places to pose the wedding couple in this old house!

paint peeling - messy floor - perfect combination with the elegant bride in her brand new wedding gown - awesomecreepy old house used as a backdrop for wedding location photo shoot - amazing!



I could have shot here all day long!

just outside Ottawa is a perfect old abandoned building and barn that we were allowed to use to photograph the wedding couple



There is something about a derelict old building and using it as a prop for a wedding photoshoot that words just can`t explain 🙂

old building are complete with cobwebs, crumbling ceilings and dusty window sills - perfect backdrop for a bride and groom - so inspirational


I love this shot of the bride standing outside

derelict house and kitchen, groom leaning up inside the kitchen looking to one side as the bride poses outside the building - it tells a story



Off in the field was the old barn, once again a fantastic building to shoot photography in – with the sunlight filtering in through
slats in the barn walls. Of course we had to go up to get use of it – no problem for this bride!

Bride climbs up the twenty foot ladder in an old barn for a a chance to photograph in the sunlight up top in the loft - superbride!



Beautiful light and dreamy positioning shows in this photograph – love love

old barn outside perth ontario was the perfect spot to climb around in to get the perfect wedding location shot especially near the cracks in the wallsthe bride and groom close in on the famous `approach kiss` or `almost kiss` nice!



One last photograph before we head back down the road to the tent to get the evening rolling

second story or barn loft wedding photography using available light streaming in throuogh the barn walls


A standing ovation for the special wedding song

mini lights are now on throughout the tent as the evening light fades and the wedding festivities ramp upottawa-perth-ontario-wedding-photography-bride-and-groom-tent wedding-house-stacey-and-darren perform speeches



The newly wedded couple pose next to their special world destination sign post – where to next

Night photography - wedding pose outside the tent next to the world sign post illuminated as the bride and groom kiss



I love wedding night photography, the opportunities from wedding to wedding are as unique as the wonderful couples themselves
Beautiful starry night as the bride poses beneath a a blanket of stars

ottawa wedding night photography is as unique and beautiful as the couples - the bride is posing outside at night beneath countless stars as she spreads out her wedding veil and looks up





Photography: Ruth Stenson Photography-

Brides Dress : D1951 Essence of Australia
Grooms Suit: Custom made in Hoi An Vietnam
Bridesmaids dresses: Etsy -from Atom Attire NYC

Flowers: Sylvia’s plant place
Groomsmen: pants from Jcrew shirts/ties/belts/shoes from Conways in perth
Flower girl: Etsy from ElluraSage from San Diego
Catering: Leatherworks, Carelton Place

Tiki Bar: Brandon Wilby
Tent/table/chairs: Party Time Rental
Linens: Mastermind event rentals


Abandoned House Inspired Wedding Shoot – Awesome Inside and Out | Stacey + Darren

Beautiful Day with Romance and Sunset Colours
at Outdoor Wedding Venue Timber Run

Couple’s charming children bring warmth & wonder to wedding ceremony

Laura and Steven Wedding Day was unique, intimate and memorable as they have 2 beautiful boys, Chase and Camden, to share in this fabulous day with them. They added so much charm, total adorableness and a perfect dimension to their Wedding at the charming Timber Run Golf Course just outside of Perth. Looking over the photos John captured in the morning, they were the stars of the show with their smiles and a team of family to dress them 🙂 Dad doing up the shirt and Grandpa combing their hair…. so so cute.
Chase and her Dad, escorted Laura to Steven and I adored how he glanced over at Laura as they descended the aisle together. Chase sat on the mantle to be close to them and watch the ceremony while Camden sat with Grandma. I just loved the B&W photo with Camden standing in the aisle, beside Grandma, watching the ceremony. He is just 19 months and was watching so intently.

Family and Friends surrounded the family with well-wishes

Steven was overwhelmed as Laura walked toward him. He was in awe to say the least. There is such a warmth and softness to their love. Their eyes show it, body language and their touch. Steven gently brushed the hair from Laura’s face whenever the wind blew and the look in his eyes…well…yes it is love and admiration.

The wedding location photographs in and around the large wooden covered bridge was perfect – perfect lighting – quiet – and Steven and Laura were in the `moment together.

Dazzling Wedding Cake Details

While I was taking photos of the cake details during dinner a little head peeked up above the table. Camden just smiles all day and that twinkle in his eye…oh my goodness…..pure sweetness. We even managed to play a bit of peek a boo around the table lol.

Your day was beautiful, and John and I adored getting to know you over the last year.
Our love to you and your wonderful boys, Laura and Steven. We adored your day and wish you a lifetime of love and laughter.

Warmly…. John and Ruth xxoo

Always a favorite time for us on a Wedding Day….. Romantic Night Shots
Love shooting sunsets at Timber Run Golf Club !!

Spectacular Wedding Sunset in brilliant Pink and Gold with Brid & Groom Kissing on the Golf Course at Timber Run - Perth Ontario

Quickly we set up another shot as the sky was changing colour

Using an Westcott Ice Light to illuminate the bride and groom through the wedding veil - dreamy!


Laura’s Wedding Dress and details were elegant

Wedding details showing the wedding shoes, jewellery and beautiful wedding invitation and a close up of the bridal gown in all its glory


Laura you looked fabulous in your choice of wedding gown and veil

black and white wedding photography showing teh glowing bride in her wedding gown before the ceremony with the bridesmaids helpingElegant White Wedding Shoes on display with white and Silver Jewellery - breathless


The Wedding Bouquet was breathtaking in it`s unique design created by D`Zines Studio Donna Tackaberry

Beautiful white rose bouquet designed wrapped in burlap and accompanied with White Flowers - exquisite designOttawa wedding unique photography - choose Ruth Stenson for creative wedding photographs such as this one showing the bridesmaid helping with the wedding dress


The bridal party are all smiles as they raise a toast to the Bride with Wedding Day Drinks – Mimosa all round!

Eight Bridesmaids dressed in Beautiful Purple Bridesmaids Dresses stand together and raise a glass of mimosa to the camera - cheers!


I adore the intimate moments as mother and daughter look at each other without saying a word

Proud mother beams as she looks over at the bride, an intimate moment captured at the right moment


No words could describe this moment

The bride gently kisses her mom on the cheek, mom is smiling and tearing emotionally at the same time


Glowing and Simply … Dreamy!

the bride`s veil is caught by the wind in this photograph taken in perfect light as the bride smiles over her shoulder - yes it is dreamy indeed


Laura was smiles all day long as she and bridal party posed together outside in the garden

large bridal party of nine bridemsaids pose together in the shade under a giant Oak Tree on the family heritage in Perth Ontario


classic wedding pose of the entire bridal party (including the honorary bridesmaid) so much fun shooting this group all day along


Timeless beauty in the moments captured throughout the entire wedding day

ottawa perth wedding photographer bride looking up at camera in wedding gown - radiant smiles and soft lighting showcase the brides eyes and white wedding gown


I love the wordless interchange between father and daughter as they spend a quiet moment together – awe 🙂

The father of the Bride reaches out and gently holds her hand as she smiles back


Laura looked radiant under the August Sun, which replaced rain and wet on this particularly wonderful wedding day in Perth

The bride nestled in between cool cedar trees looks down at her wedding bouquet as she gets ready to head to the venue and get marriedottawa-perth-wedding-photographer-timber-run-golf-club-lanark-on-laura-and-steven


The photograph I think captures the inner softness and tranquil mood

I love Black and White wedding photography for the way it captures mood and tells an inner story of beauty and peace


literally right next door the guys were getting ready as well, we had to set up special signals
to prevent the groom from seeing his bride before the ceremony

The wedding groom poses outdoors as the ceremony approaches


This handsome little guy was full of smiles all day as dad helps him into his special wedding tuxedo

The children of the groom get a helping hand as they get their wedding tuxedos put on by their father - what a little monkey!


There is something classy about a bunch of guys in their wedding tuxedos doing a little Skeet Shooting beforehand

the groom and groomsmen dressed in their wedding tuxedos and sunglasses let a few rounds of skeet shooting during their getting ready ottawa perth wedding photographer timber-run-golf-club-lanark-on


The Groom Skeet Shooting in his Wedding Tuxedo

The groomsmen pose behind the groom holding their skeet shooting rifles as the groom fires off a shoot and the shell is captured exiting the rifle


And not to be forgotten was capturing the family`s antique farm tractor

Antique red farming tractor was a the center of the nine groomsmen - the family history of the tractor goes way back in time and the groom wanted to capture the moment wedding album


The Handsome Groom poses at Timber Run Golf Course as the guests start arriving for the ceremony

Steven poses for a blak and white portrait at Timber Run Wedding Venue ottawa-perth-wedding-photographer-timber-run-golf-club-lanark-on


I love this photograph of their son raring to go as the wedding party assembles at the top
of the Grand Log Staircase at Timber Run Venue

Captured the excitment in the couples one son as he is being held back before heading down the grand staircase


The Bride and her older son approach the top of the Timber Run Staircase before heading down to
meet up with her father at the foot of the stairs in order to walk her down the aisle

The bride and her son descend the great log staircase at Timber Run Golf Course, Laura is holding her son`s hand as he looks out over everyone gathered their


The bride is escorted down the aisle by one proud father!

wedding ceremony and location shoot at Timber Run Gold Course, beautiful and professional with top level service from the staff!


The ceremony is underway in front of the Great Fireplace at Timber Run Wedding Venue

Timber Run wedding ahll is a perfect spot to hold weddings - Laura and Steven exchange vows in front of the priest who is bathed in sunlight flowing in from one of two skylights aboveLarge wedding party of twenty fit nicely across the vast opening in the great hall, with room to spare


Timber Run Golf Course is a beautiful venue to hold wedding inside or outside
this shot showcases the rooms skylights allowing abundant natural light to enter and illuminate the bride and groom
(and their son standing legs apart looking directly at mom and dad)

Timber Run Great hall setup with seating and the large wedding party across the front - the light is cascading in through the many windows and skylights


Laura and Steven look into each other`s eyes and the rest of the world fades away!

Beautiful light wraps around the bride and groom as they exchange wedding vows at Timber Run Golf Course Wedding Venue outside Perth OntarioA wonderful couple - lost in each other`s eyes as the bride gives a slight smile ottawa-perth-wedding-photographer-timber-run-golf-club-lanark-on-laura-and-steven


It was truly a wonderful family affair

Steven`s son looks on as they sign the wedding registry


Presenting — Mr.  &  Mrs. !!



The very first photograph of the family – how exciting!

Outside the venue the very first photograph taken is of mom and dad with their two children on their laps


The wedding party hamming it up (arm in arm!) too funny!

How to pose a large wedding party, go outside in natural light and have them loosen up by joking around


I love this pose of the wedding couple standing under the covered bridge with the bride looking out and the groom looking at her

Beautiful classy wedding pose of the bride and groom in the large covered bridge in Eastern Ontario (Timber Run actually)


The light was radiant, reflecting light off Laura`s wedding dress into their eyes

I love photographing weddings at Timber Run Gold Course, and the with new addition of a historic design Covered Bridge - simply charmingCovered Bridge at Timber Run - perfect backdrop for capturing wedding location photos - rain or shine


The bride looks totally at ease in this photo

The bride took off her wedding shoes and replace them with wedding birkenstocks - and relaxed in comfort on the grass next to the stone wall


Got it! Beautiful

Steven holds his bride close as they smile together under the August sun


Beautiful light streaming in and gently illuminating the river and the bride and groom

River Wedding Photography - Ruth Stenson - Ottawa - Kingston - perfect location - perfect lighting - perfect posing


Wedding Photography under covered bridge – also in colour!

bride-and-groom-in-covered-bridge-looking-out-window-creative-wedding-photography-laura-and-steven-1the wedding couple takes a stroll down by the rivers edge, no water falls at this section of the river


Pre-Wedding-Birkenstocks !

the bride shows off her new wedding shoesImages for exquisite wedding ring detail shots, Nikon macro lens isolates the images from the background


Amazing Wedding Cake and Wedding Cupcakes on display in the alcove

custom made wedding cake and wedding cupcakes on display waiting for discovery


And look who just happened by the cupcakes – nothing escapes his wondering eyes!

cute photograph of the ring bearer strolling past the wedgin cupcakes after discovering them on display - adorable!




Venue: Timber Run Golf Club , Lanark ON

Photography: Ruth Stenson Photography

Floral: D’Zines Studio/Donna Tackaberry


Fabulous Wedding Celebration at Lanark Timber Run Golf Course Perth Ontario | Laura + Steven

Elegant Details tell a Love Story for a Couple’s Tent Wedding

Beautiful  Wedding Photos in Old Barn, Perth Ontario as Thunderstorms roll past

After months of no rain, the forecast looked bleak with thunderstorms on the horizon for their Wedding Day. After discussing the amazing Fire Truck Wedding Transportation during my chat with Jessika, we struck up a Plan-B  in case of wind and rain for the formal wedding location photos. As it happens, Brettan and Dave (friends of the Jessika and Nick) had recently purchased a new farm and yes the barn was “a go” for perfect location photos. Shooting in the rain happens very seldom but I must admit that is adds such a romantic mood to the photos and with a backup plan the forecast turned from bleak to totally exciting 🙂
Jessika and Nick decided to host their own Tent Wedding, so much work went into all the details from the flowers and table details to the custom made solid wood wedding bar (Nick is very handy!) to assembling the entire floor in plywood – simply amazing!

Touching moments during Wedding service

Nick and Jessika had some emotional moments during the service as unknown to them, Jessika’s Dad had secretly arranged to go to the front of the church and deliver a song during the service in a duet. It was truly touching, tears were shed, and smiles of awe, as his beautiful voice softly echoed throughout the church.
As the B&G walked down the aisle of St John’s Catholic Church the rain had started. John and I quickly set 2 flashes with umbrellas to capture the formal family photos at the front of the church.

Bride arrives at church in gleaming Red Fire Truck

Once we were finished shooting at the Church, Jessika and Nick along with the Wedding party were driven by Nick’s Firefighter Co-workers ( of the Drummond, North Elmsley, Tay Valley Fire Dept) to the wedding location shoot at the old barn. As fire truck wedding party pulled into the yard in front of the barn, the clouds in the distance were getting closer and darker.

Dynamite B&G and incredible Wedding Party emitted joy and fun all day !

We hurried to take a some wedding party pictures with everyone on the Fire Trucks when …..2 minutes later the sky opened up. Out came the umbrellas (as we always carry these) and a rush to the barn as the wedding party hustled their way down the lane and into the barn door. A huge downspout of water was flowing off the roof right at the entrance but one of the groomsmen (what an absolute gentleman) used his umbrella to direct the water away from the door, completely soaking himself in the process. He definitely “took one for the team” <3

Bales of Hay and the Bridal Party in the Barn’s Loft – Perfect Location

You would think that the B&G and Wedding Party would be a little unnerved by the weather…..absolutely not! There was a ton of laughter and this group has a blast together, no matter what! Special thanks to the Firemen who were so incredibly helpful in the barn with equipment and holding 2 umbrellas outside so I could capture a couple of my vision shots 🙂 Thank you to the Wedding Party for just being so fabulous “all day” and up for all crazy ideas 🙂

Jessika and Nick… what a magnificent Wedding Day with 2 warm, compassionate and loving people. I know in my heart that the sun will always shine on you both.
Enjoy your new adventure in life as husband and wife. Our love and warm wishes.

Xo John and Ruth


Nothing oozes romance more than Bride and Groom in an Old Barn in the rain

Romantic Bride and Groom posing in the open door of an old barn loft as the rain gently falls out in front near Ottawa and Perth Ontario

The Bide and Groom planed all the wedding details to fit their intimate wedding
Elegant invitations – and beautiful earrings

exquisite wedding invitations in pastel colours to match the brideBeautiful wedding day bouquet for the bride

The Bridesmaids hamming it up in front of the camera – so much fun

aBridesmaids posing and having fun in their special wedding day pajamas

The Bride and her girls were all smiles all day long

crative bride with bridesmaid pre-wedding phoography - getting ready

Jessika was positively beaming as she leisurely got ready for the ceremony

the bride getting ready at her parents house in Perth Ontario smiles as she puts her earrings onJessika’s choice of wedding gown couldn’t be more perfect, it’s elegant design and flowing lines suited her

Detail shots of the wedding gown hanging on display in Perth Ontario

With most of the wedding preparations complete – everyone heads upstairs to fetch the final touches
before putting on the wedding gown

picture of the bride heading upstairs for final preparations photo shows time on grandfather clock and dress on display on the full length mirror

Lace up wedding dresses are so beautiful to photograph getting done up

Ottawa bride posing with all her bridal party gazing into a full length mirror - disney princess wedding day for Jessika

Love the Lace – Love the light!

your Perth, Ottawa Creative Wedding Photographer captures the gentle light falling across the back of the dress and the lace

Jessika and her mother share an intimate moment before her father sees her for the first time

Mother and bride portraits smiling - tent weddings are so much fun!

The father of bride is blown away by his beautiful daughter – the dress – the details and Jessika’s beaming smile

the father of the bride spreads his arms wide in amazement in seeing his daughter in her wedding gown - what an impression

Everyone got a little emotional as the bride reads a personal wedding day letter from the groom

looking down at the letter the bride smiles to herself and cqan

I love this back shot of the bride looking over her shoulder down at the luxurious flowing wedding train

Unique indoor lighting used to illuminate the back of the wedding dress details - soft and flowing images and a beautiful bride

Across town at the venue, the groom and groomsmen busy themselves as they get into their tuxedos
Even the ring bearers clean up  – even after pizza 🙂

meanwhile back at the venue just outside of Ottawa and Perth - everyone enjoys a bite to eat before the ceremony starts

Final adjustments were no problem for Nick and the boys, since they are used to firefighter uniforms and
looking after each others backs… or collars and formal ties!

the best man adjusts the collar as the groom positions himself in front of the window at the venue residence

Nick was all of the handsome groom for Jessika that day

the handsome groom poses outside a window under natural skies next to the wedding venue

Had to get the groomsmen posing in front of the Fire truck – sunglasses .. optional?

Groomsmen standing in front of the Fire Truck toasting the groom as they pose with sunglasses on - Perth, Ottawa Wedding

With suits and tuxedos and hair gel – these ring bearers looked as handsome as the groom

Perth flowers supplied the matching boutonnieres for the groom and the two ring bearers - dressed in grey suits and tuxedo

he Fire + Resuce Truck arrives in high fashion with the Bride and Bridesmaids in front of the Church

Back in Perth in front of the Catholic Church the clean shiney red fire truck arrives with the Bride in the front seat

I love this shot of the firemen in full dress with white gloves helping the Bride down from the fire truck

a fireman in full dress uniform complete with hat and crest reaches up with white gloves to assist the bride down from the fire truck at the church

Simply radiant with the red fire truck in the background and floral bouquets

bride in front of the red fire truck with flowers everywhere smiling as she walks through the bridesmaids

The bridesmaids dresses accented the day and the bride beautifully

the bridesmaids looked beautiful in their pastel green dresses giving a soft look to the scene as the bride is helped into the church

the mother of the bride hugs one of the many guests inside the church doors in Perth Ontario just before the ceremony

The Proud Father walks his beautiful daughter down the aisle with the guests looking on and the fireman standing guard at the entrance

the best part of any church wedding is the moment when the father and the bride walk down the aisle and see everyone in attendance

A tearful moment as the Bride and Groom hold hands together at the front of the Church
just after the father gives his daughter away

The Church in Perth Ontario was filled with guests onlooking as the couple stand together before them to be married

A Majestic Photograph taken from the balcony at the back of St. Johns Catholic Church in Perth Ontario during the wedding ceremony of Jessika and Nick

The groom collects himself as the wedding ceremony is underway

standing at the front of the church the groom wipes away a tear of joy as the wedding ceremony starts

Jessika’s Father delivers a heart-felt song in tribute to the Ceremony

Father of the bride stands at the church pew with another guest and they sing a special song dedicated to his daughter getting married

The song touches each of the bridesmaids

six bridesmaids all in a row at the front of the church sitting watching the procession

… and the Bride

the bride wipes away a tear watching her father perform his wedding song

Perth Church wedding vows performed while holding hands, Ottawa Wedding Photographer- Fireman is Married- Nick and Jessika-57

The Priest solemnizes the marriage vows as Jessika looks into Nicks eyes and slips on his wedding band

Sacred vows are exchanges in front of the Catholic Priest during the exchange of rings ceremony in Perth Ontario just outside Ottawa

Presenting Mr. & Mrs.!

Nick and Jessika exit the church arm in arm smiling as the wedding ceremony is finished and the register has been signed

Nick the Fireman poses next to the township’s very Fire Truck in front of the Church

Fireman marries bride and goes for ride in the Fire Truck from Drummond North Elmsley Tay Valley - Perth, Ottawa Wedding - Nick and Jessika

We managed to arrive at the location and get the entire wedding party to pose on the Fire Truck minutes before the
sky opened up and it poured buckets! (good luck on your wedding day!)

Wedding Party posing on Red Fire Truck in a field, notice the dry tuxedos - well that didn

Jessika was radiant as the gentle light filtered in the old barn

The bride sits on top of bales of hay in an old barn posing and smiling and looking positively radiant

The bridal party looked fabulous – and the old barn was perfect location

plan B on their wedding day was to go to a friend

The Barn interior was dry & cozy .. a delightful spot to shot the wedding party
and with two ladders [sic] they even managed to make into the barn loft for some photos too!

The bridal party looks at the bride and groom kissing as they stand in the middle of the barn, dressed in rain soaked tuxedos completely drenched

Thankful to be out of the rain, we couldn’t have picked a better spot for the wedding shoot

Old barn wedding photography of the bride and bridesmaids in soft pastel dresses and exquisite bouquets

There certainly was no shortage of spots to shoot the couple at this Barn

Giant white wedding umbrella big enough for the bride and groom to stay out of the rain as they pose out in front of the barn

The rain was falling gently as the bridal party circled around the married couple for a picture taken from the barn loft

Nick and Jessika are surrounded in a sea of umbrellas as they pose outside the barn for a lofty high shot

Simply Dreamy!! 🙂

Looking down a the bride and groom in the middle of five umbreallas wide open to the sky and kiss

With the wedding party gone back to the fire truck, Jessika and Nick take some time alone in the romantic old barn

More old barn wedding photography near Perth and Ottawa Ontario - bales of hay everywhere - looks so cozy

with the bride

The lighting in the old barn was perfect

Jessika married Nick the fireman in a church and is having her location shoot in an old barn - so much fun, so creative and so unique

Perth, Ottawa Wedding Photographer- Fireman is Married- Nick and Jessika-more wedding pictures in the old barn

These pictures speak of romance and stunning intimacy – rain or shine!

Perth Ontario is perfect location for romantic weddings - creative wedding photography is so easy and the countryside is so beautiful

The attention to details inside and outside the tent were amazing

close up wedding rings on a solar powered light shot with a Macro Lens and signs outside the tent that say "he asked and... she said yes!!"

Elegant! and Regal!

close up of the back of the brides dress with the grooms hand on her waist and showcasing the beautiful tie up lace wedding back

The rain kept coming down as the bridal party made it’s way up ladders to peak out the loft window – very adventurous indeed!

Brilliant idea by the bride and her friend to make use of their old rustic barn for wedding photography - as can been seen by this creative photo showing the entire bridal party peaking out the loft window

A brilliant idea of the bride and her friend to use the barn for their romantic wedding shoot

double shot the first one is of the couple standing in the barn backlit with their eads together and the other has the groom bending over to kiss the bride

Nick and Jessika put a lot of thought and a lot of effort into the details big and small at thir beautiful tent wedding

Custom wedding wine labels and wedding glasses made up but a portion of all the details brought to this amazing wedding

The Perth Brewery Micro-Brewery Keg Dispenser sits on top of the double-level handmade bar that Nick managed to find time
to build among a multitude of other things for their wedding

Custom made solid wood wedding bar made by the groom sports a spot to host the Perth Brewery Micro Keg


The large wedding tent was big enough for a head table plus all their guests tables and a dance floor all on top of the plywood floor

Perth Country Wedding Details inside the Tent. mason jar glasses and handmade wedding signs


Not a detail or thoughtful idea was missing – it was perfect!

Loved the wedding details as you walk in the tent, everything handmade and elegant and memorable

Perth and Ottawa Wedding Cake - a four layer wedding cupcake and weding cake display


The speeches were priceless

Head table inside a wedding tent with birch tree decorations behind the bride and groom as they laugh during speeches


The ring bearers had only a limited time to remain there

Funny wedding photograph of the ring bearers lying on the ground underneath the bride

the father daughter dance at the start of festivities as the dance to the daughter


What a fabulous couple, so relaxed together and so happy to be married – many happy years!

Perth, Ottawa Wedding Photographer- Fireman is Married- Nick and Jessika-1


A bit of “Love” for theVendors

Venue: Giant Tent wedding at Jessika & Nick`s Place
Photography: Ruth Stenson Photography –


Floral: Kelly’s Flowers, Perth Ontario
Hair– Portrait in home salon (Candace)
Makeup– 2bu (Megan Roberts)
Flowers: Hillside Gardens: for all the flowers at reception
Caterer– Dial a Chef (Erick Le Pors)
Band: Little California

Fire Truck Wedding Sendoff for Bride and Groom in Perth Ontario | Jessika + Nick

Glowing hearts and smiles – an intimate wedding celebration for all


One of the greatest gifts as a Wedding Photographer is to meet a Bride and Groom and become friends with the entire family and to watch their family grow over the years.
Ashley is part of this family and to be asked to capture yet another Wedding touched my heart as there could be no greater joy for us!

Their hearts were full of love for each other …… and bountiful enough, to join their new family as one.

This Wedding Day was unique as it is the union of two families becoming one. The children were key to having in their Wedding party and it was adorable to watch Ashley and Chad’s attention and love to them throughout the day. It was plain to see what a remarkable new family they have formed as the children were absolutely beaming with smiles for them.

The Grand Hotel and Suites in downtown Toronto is where the day began and it was so incredible to walk into the room and see the same makeup/hairstylist (Corrie Elle, Covet Co. ) from the previous Toronto Wedding in June. What are the chances! The room was a buzz of excitement and Ashley’s Mom assisted her with her wedding gown. I love these touching moments with a Mom and daughter…. it is an aww moment 🙂 Heidi (Ashley’s sister) presented Ashley with a beautiful bracelet that matched her earrings perfectly. It was so delicate and as a sister she knows perfectly Ashley’s style.

A fun filled wedding day – no reservations required

Chad was also at the Grand Hotel with the guys and the boys sure had a blast with Grandpa! Yes…. wrestling on a Wedding Day is for sure allowed 🙂
I loved reviewing these photos!

It was important to Ashley and Chad to spend as much time with their guests as possible and a “First Look” worked seamlessly for them. Ashley was incredibly stunning as she walked towards Chad and the joy for them both was electric. The parents/family and wedding party all watched from the sidelines. After the initial reveal we headed toward the venue, beneath the Boiler room Loft were the couple had reserved the courtyard for family photos –  so on the way there, the children, without prompting, one by one, ran ahead to join them through the bustling streets….
I felt a tear watching through the lens… gosh just such a perfect moment.

Perfect location in the heart of Toronto’s Distillery District with Cobblestone Streets

The ceremony and reception was held at “the Boiler House Loft” for their chic, intimate Wedding. The laughter, excitement of close friends and family filled the room to capacity. One of the more touching moments was Lucca shedding some tears during the Wedding as he was so glad for his Mom…..a caress during the service and a kiss of love was a awe moment for all.
Ashley and Chad…. it meant the world to us to capture your fabulous Wedding Day.

We wish you a lifetime of love, joy and incredible adventures for you and your new family. xxoo 



Found a nice quiet spot for Ashley and Chad’s wedding night shot….they are so fabulously stunning!!

Wedding couple pose for night photograph at the Boiler House Loft in Toronto Distillery District beneath hanging lights on cobblestone streets


Ashley’s earrings and matching bracelet were beautiful

wedding earrings displayed on the wedding bouquet along with the matching bracelet - Toronto Wedding


Exquisite details made these wedding invitations sophisticated

close up of wedding invitations in blush peach matching earrings and bracelet


Ashley’s choice of wedding gown was perfect – delicate colours and exquisite design

the bride

The make up being applied looked beautiful in natural light

close up of lipstick being applied to the bride - shot in natural light - soft colurs Toronto, Ottawa Wedding Photographerwedding makeip application tray in front of bride

the brides eyes radiated beauty as the final touches of makeup are applied

detail shot of bride having lipstick applied as she looks toward the ceiling in the Grand Hotel and Suites

The mother of the bride examines the unique and stunning mermaid style wedding gown

Mermaid Wedding Dress is held up by the mother of the bride in the Grand Hotel and Suites


Ashley beamed all day

Ashley was beaming all day in anticipation of a glorious wedding ceremony at the Distillery District in Toronto


The Bride’s sister was radiant as the bridal party got ready at the Grand Hotel & Suites – Toronto

Close up of the brides sister smiling as the wedding gown was tried on


The flower girl was adorable!

not to be left out, the flower girl smiles at the camera during the getting ready shots


Exquisite wedding jewellery

close up of the brides wedding bracelet and wedding earrings displayed on the wedding gown lace


Helping hands are loving hands

the mother of the bride helps her daughter put on the beautiful wedding earrings


Mother and daughter share a special moment together

MOther of the bride kisses her daughter on the cheek before heading to the Distillery District Toronto, The Boiler House Loft Ottawa Wedding Photographer


Ashley receives a special gift (the wedding bracelet) from her sister

the bride reads a special wedding card from her sister while sitting in the Grand Hotel & Suites room


The Bride certainly looked like a Disney Princess with a beauty veil

The brides sister stands next to the bride examining the beautiful wedding veil


Stunning dress for a beautiful bride

Toronto, Ottawa Wedding Photographer- the bride poses in her mermaid wedding gown


the flower girl looks magical in her dream dress

the flower girl is being laced up at the back and looks back over her shoulder to see how it is tied up


I love this shot of the flower girl looking on as the bride’s nephew gets his own miniature wedding bow-tie

the brides sister is busy putting a pink bow-tie on her son - who looks smart in his suspenders


The groom’s outfit included a custom tailored suit, colourful wedding socks and of course Jimmy Choo wedding shoes

on location at The Grand Hotel & Suites - the groom is getting ready with his Jimmy Choo Mens Wedding shoes for the occasion


These two lads look pretty laid back in their brand new wedding sun glasses and baseball caps

two lads relax smiling at the camera decked out in sneakers - sunglasses - baseball caps and the biggest cool wedding grins


The groom made sure his boys looked smart in their shirts and miniature wedding bow-ties

the father of one of the boys straightens out his special kid size wedding bow-tieafter adjusting the kids bow-ties the groom fastens pick flowers to their shirts


Final adjustments for the groom and groomsmen

wedding cufflinks are clipped on in preperation for the trip to the Distillery District Toronto, Ottawa Wedding Photographer- The Boiler House Loft


Chad portrays all of the handsome Groom

the handsome groom strikes a pose - seated looking away holding a glass of scotch


The groom’s personal effects for the ceremony



One last toast as the guys celebrate with the Groom on the arrival of the big day

the groomsmen toast the groom with flutted glasses filled with Champagne


Not to be outdone by the bride, but the groom definitely held his own that day

one last portrait of the groom looking at the camera before heading to the wedding ceremony at the Distillery District in Toronto


Arriving early at the Distillery District streets – the groom awaits the upcoming Wedding Day Reveal of his bride

the groom poses in the busy streets at the Distillery District Toronto, as he waits the arrival of his bride Ashley


Taking time before the ceremony – the bride strolls down the sidewalk at the Distillery District to have their first-look Wedding Reveal

the bride strolls past the brick and stone buildings at the Distillery District with bouquet in hand


Ashley and Chad decided to have an early Wedding Day Reveal in front of their family. Surprise

the bride sneaks up behind her groom for the big wedding reveal moment at Toronto, Ottawa Wedding Photographer- The Boiler House Loft- Distillery District- Ashley and Chad-61the bride covers the grooms eyes from behind before the big wedding reveal


I love the interaction between bride and groom during their Reveal

the groom embraces his bride after seeing her for the first time


Proud fathers looking on as the couple exchange first looks

the fathers of the bride and groom smile as Chad and Ashley embrace at the Distillery District in Toronto


A touching moment as the grooms daughter smiles at him

touching moment between father and daughter during the wedding day reveal


The Bride and Groom head towards the Boiler Loft House for family portraits with their children – adorable!

The tourists in the streets gave wide berth as the wedding family walks the streets in the Distillery District past shops and vendors


Posing beneath the giant clock in the streets of the Distillery District

The Bride and Bridesmaids posing beneath the giant clock in the streets of the Distillery District The Boiler House LoftThe bride posing as she looks at her wedding bouquet flowers at the Boiler Loft House


Dashing Groomsmen

Groomsmen pose in Trinity Lane in front of the giant scupltures Distillery District- just before the wedding ceremonyAshley and Chad


The wedding party standing in opening of Gristmill Lane in Historic Distillery District

small wedding party pose for the camera at the opening of Gristmill Lane in the shade of the old brick buildings


The look of Love!

the bride and groom kiss beneath the giant clock at the distillery district Toronto the bride smiling as the groom kisses her cheak


Chad and Ashley brought their love and purchased a sweetheart lock at the Distillery District to celebrate their wedding

the bride and groom seal the day with a kiss as they lock their love at the distillery district - Toronto


Iconic wedding photograph of the wedding couple standing beneath the Gooderham & Worts Sign

Toronto, Ottawa Wedding Photograph bride & groom posing beneath the Gooderham and Worts sign at the Distillery District in Historic TorontoThe bride and groom smiling as they pose among the historic brick and stone buildings that make up Toronto Distillery District


The Boiler Room Loft was a perfect spot for their wedding ceremony and reception for their guests

Tables are set awaiting the guests arriving at the Boiler Room Loft House in the Distillery District in Toronto - hosting a small romantic wedding event


Matching colours throughout the wedding and details were professionally supplied by 45 Design

Reception table and wedding gifts at the Boiler Room Loft in the Distillery District - champagne gift bottles


A proud Mother & Father walk their daughter down the aisle

exclusive wedding held at the initimate and quaint Boiler Room Loft - wedding details supplied by 45 Design


An intimate charming location for a timeless wedding ceremony

The distillery District is the perfect spot to hold a wedding ceremony and reception - service was amazing


An emotional bride wipes a tear of joy

bride carefully wipes a tear away at The Boiler House Loft- Distillery District- Ashley and Chad

wedding ceremony kiss at the Boiler Room was beautiful


Presenting Mr. & Mrs.

the wedding couple walk back down the aisle as one at The Boiler House Loft- Distillery District- Ashley and Chad-103there were plenty of spots to shoot wedding location and details throughout the Distillery District - wedding events are special events


Everyone got down to enjoying themselves as the wedding speeches got underway

the bride and groom share a laugh wedding head table in the Biler Room Wedding Event Distillery District - Toronto


The couple sharing their first dance as Mr. & Mrs.

Wedding event locations such as the boiler room in the distillery district are a perfect venue for couples to hold a wedding celebration for their guests


The cobblestone streets and alleyways in the Distillery District are perfect backdrop for night photography

Cobblestone Street with couple at Toronto, Ottawa Wedding Photographer- The Boiler House Loft in Distillery District- Night Photo with Asley and Chad-1


A bit of “Love” for the Vendors

Venue:   The Boiler Room, Distillery District, Toronto, ON. –
Photography: Ruth Stenson Photography          –


Bridal Salon: Helen’s Bridal, Barrie ON
Floral Bouquets: Sheena Richmond, Lavender Floral, Barrie ON
Reception Decor: Heidi Carfa and Martina Ziltener, 45 Design.
Hair and Makeup: Corrie Elle, Covet Co.
DJ: Sean Chatrath, Good Vibrations
Invitations: Stephita Inc. Toronto ON


Chic Wedding Celebration at Distillery District [Boiler House Loft] – Toronto | Ashley + Chad
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