Country Chic Wedding with Beautiful Details – Perth Ontario | Amy + Tyler

Barn gets make over – many times over as details burst into life

Bride and Groom capture the meaning of charm as they welcome their guests

To say that Amy and Tyler’s Wedding Day was “Country Chic” would be a total understatement. I was in awe of the incredible creativity in every nook and cranny that screamed beautiful. As I walked into the venue my eyes darted to try to take in the all the elements. Their venue was at a neighbour’s barn which they transformed into a magazine worthy location.

Vision for the ceremony included an amazing Plan-B

The barn was their backup B plan in case of rain so they set to work removing all the cow stalls and whitewashed the interior walls and ceiling. The large doors at each end and all pillars inside were cascaded with white sheers to complete the dreamy effect on this rustic barn. The real “chic effect” although was the exterior of the barn that conveniently had a cement pad for their reception, tables and dancing. I felt as if I had been transported to a quaint European village. Tyler could have rented tables for their guest’s dinner but he had a vision and he definitely hit the mark building, sanding and staining each table. There was even a children’s table created low to the ground just for them. Each table had a beautiful runner with unique set of elements adorned in the center. Believe me when I say I have added just a taste of the details they created!! It was a magical, beautiful site/sight and I know from the chatter of your guests when they arrived, they also were in awe of this fabulous vision you made.

The Thunderstorms and Rain held off all round Elgin – horseshoes indeed!

I met Amy and Tyler years ago when they contacted me for an Engagement session….2 actually as Amy is creative soul and she had another vision for several other locations 🙂  They are such a warm compassionate couple and it is plain to see that they are each others best friends and absolutely life partners. Amy was stunning in her Wedding gown and her beautiful smile blessed each guest. What I loved was the children who Amy attracts like bees to honey…they adore her warm positive vibe and attention to them.

Although the weather outlook was poor for Saturday we were blessed to only have about 20 minutes of hard rain during the location creatives but no worries at all John and I had planned for this and had umbrellas handy just in case. The show must go on and Amy and Tyler rocked their creatives without even thinking twice about the downpour. They are troopers and a bit of rain was certainly not going to impede their day J  Rain is magic!

Country Wedding Paradise

Pastor Bob created a relaxed, touching and beautiful service which even included a refreshment for Amy and Tyler J Amy created handmade books to read their vows to each other and couldn’t help but hug Tyler after each reading, an awe moment for sure.

Merle (Amy’s Mom) made all the food for the guests, with the assistance of Amy’s sisters, and that is absolutely incredible. I am sure the guests enjoyed every single delicious bite 🙂

Congratulation’s Amy and Tyler on your vision and John and I wish you a lifetime of joy, love and devotion on your new adventures in life together.  xxoo


I love the serene look on the brides face as she embraces the moment and not a care that the rain made a brief appearance



You could almost feel the emotion as the newly married couple capture a quiet moment together

The wedding couple pose in the open window of the barn - eyes closed as the groom kisses the bride on her cheek


Exquisite details down to the hand-crafted ring box kept the wedding personal for the bride & groom

hand crafted ring box and direction sign next to the highway give you a glimpse into how much hard work and planning went on


The wedding gown and jewellery were perfect to match the brides radiance the whole day through

the wedding preperation and venue (just outside Ottawa) was a perfect location for a country wedding - the brides dress is on display hanging in a tree


The brides choice of wedding gown matched her perfectly – in style and elegance

two different angles showing the soft details in the wedding dress - natural light photography


Amy was radiant and smiles all day long!

Country Chic wedding planning - table design - barn makeover and table details


The bride receives the final touch up from the makeup artist

daylight balanced round window lighting helped get the makeup just right that day - ottawa toronto kingston wedding


The bridesmaids were amazing – fun and fresh



The make up artist performing some last minute application just before the bride slips into her wedding dress



The bride adjusts her earrings, with the wedding gown hanging in the mirror

mirror reflection of the bride and the wedding gown hanging on a full length floor mirror - ottawa chic country wedding


I love this shot of the bride kneeling down to inspect the wedding dress as it is hanging on display

ottawa black and white wedding portraiture - the sun is filtering in thru the window onto the wedding gown as the bride kneels in front of it


The look on the brides face says it all as she puts on the wedding dress for the first time on her wedding day

bride examines herself in the mirror as she sees the dress in full reflection in the mirror



Mother of the bride helps her daughter with the back of the dress as they both stand in front of the mirror

ottawa-toronto-kingston-wedding-photographer-country-chic-wedding-amy-and-tyler-12-2gentle light fills the room as the bride is getting her wedding gown on


The back of the dress is on full display in the mirror in all its beauty and design



The bride quickly checks the weather outside, the call was originally for thunderstorms … but the sun shone on instead!

beautiful backlit photo of the bride looking out the window during getting ready


The bride poses as she adjusts her jewellery in front of the open window – beautiful!


The checklist for the day did include umbrellas, so I decided to use one as a prop (sans rain 🙂 )

the bride looks stunning as she poses with a white wedding umbrella


A big part of the day for both bride and groom was the children



The flower girls were simply adorable!

the flower girls stole the show with their frilly dresses and angelic looks


The dark clouds in the background make this photograph stand out

bride and bridal party pose in front of a feild of corn with dark gray clouds in the horizon


Tyler (the groom) was busy placing the many details out at the venue, but managed to slow down to have a couple of portraits

dog dressed up in wedding outfit collar as the groom poses with the wedding dog



The handsome groom poses alongside the farms many outbuildings – perfect spot in the shade as it was hot and humid

classic groom portrait - at farm next to silos


The wedding details were everywhere you looked – on painted tables, in trees

farm water troff used to hold the canned drinks for the guests, plus a special wedding steamer trunk


My favorite barn – red barn! yippee!

everyhting was hand made - the individual signs for the food dishes to the table dressings


Incredible details, down to the punch and lemonade dispensers to the handmade old-fashioned lemonade stand – amazing

old fashioned wedding lemonade stand and jugs - perfect drink for a hot & humid day


The handmade tables (the groom again) and matching table settings and covered chairs looked spectacular as they
brought the entire outdoor area together in a precise yet casual way.



Bales of hay provided the perfect perch for the sunflowers and red rocket wagon provided an unforgettable wedding experience

the red barn and white silo are on display in the background as more details are photographed including a wooden box of sunflower plants


The proud mother and father of the bride walk down the aisle



The groom was in awe when he saw the bride walk down the aisle

ottawa outdoor wedding details galore, white veiled sheers adorned the wedding trellisottawa-toronto-kingston-wedding-photographer-country-chic-wedding-amy-and-tyler-46


The ceremony moved some to tears and other times to smiles and laughter – a relaxed and intimate wedding ceremony by their friend Pastor Bob



The pastor held the couples attention throughout the entire ceremony as he lead them through the wedding

Pastor Bob leads the discussion and explanation during a moving wedding ceremony



And at times – the ceremony was very moving



We could not have photographed a couple that embraced the moment and were totally into each other – awe moment!



Presenting   Mr.  &   Mrs.  !!



Magical moment!



Mother and daughter share an intimate moment together



The attention to details including the wedding favors and how they were displayed was truly inspiring



Pine trees saplings became the perfect wedding favor as well



I loved the old fashioned Kissing Booth – complete with signage and camera – amazing!



Romance was in the air as the married couple pose next to the red barn and silos – the look of love!



Guess what.. we are married!  🙂



There was no shortage of spots to shot the wedding portraiture in and around the transformed dairy barn



Beautiful passion between these two lovebirds!



The bride was up for photography in the barn, in the fields – she was OK anywhere – completely rocked the session!



Simply Dreamy!



At one point some rain fell slightly so we made sure we got a side light shot inside the transformed barn into wedding hall!



After a short rainfall – the vibrant colours of the forest set the photo session on fire!



A beautiful moment in paradise as the couple quietly reflect on the day



Flower girls are precious, photographing them together – is adorably priceless wonderful 🙂



A final shot of the day captured the intimacy and magical essence of Amy & Tyler wedding day




Country Chic Wedding with Beautiful Details – Perth Ontario | Amy + Tyler

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